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"Blaine will be vindicated in November" --N.Y. Tribune
Still Image
Genre Form
Periodical illustrations--1880-1890.
Cartoons (Commentary)--1880-1890.
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Lccn: 2011661830
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Illustration shows James G. Blaine, dressed like a Roman statesman, standing on a pedestal that states "What are you going to do about it", a phrase attributed to Boss Tweed. The ghost of Tweed stands behind Blaine, weeping, holding a paper that states "Why wasn't I vindicated? I cast my anchor windward too!!" At the base of the pedestal are books and papers, some labeled "20 Years Casting My Anchor to Windward", "Burn this", and "20 Years No Deadhead". Whitelaw Reid stands at center, appealing to Blaine. On the left are various bank officers who committed crimes and got caught, some hold papers that state "I saw various channels in which I could be useful. President Dodd, Bank Breaker", "I cast an anchor to windward in the Marine Bank. J.D. Fish, Bank Breaker", "I would 'sacrifice a great deal to get a settlement' Captain Howgate, U.S.A., Defaulter", "I did not prove a deadhead in the enterprise. A.S. Warner, Albion Bank Breaker", "I received very large sums of money without one dollar of expense. Ferdinand Ward, Swindler". Albert S. Warner was President of The First National Bank of Albion, O.L. Baldwin was a cashier at the Mechanics' National Bank in Newark, Henry W. Howgate (1834-1901) was a Disbursing Officer in the U.S. Signal Service.
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Gillam, Bernhard, 1856-1896, "Blaine will be vindicated in November" --N.Y. Tribune