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"Stop thief!"
Still Image
Genre Form
Periodical illustrations--1880-1890.
Cartoons (Commentary)--1880-1890.
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Lccn: 2012645421
Color Content
Illustration, reminiscent of Thomas Nast's cartoon of the same title published in Harper's Weekly, October 7, 1871, hence "That trick is very stale", shows a group of monopolists and Blaine supporters scattering on the street in response to the cry "Stop thief!"; Joseph Keifer carries a sign that states "Beware of Cleveland the Monopolist" and Cyrus Field waves a sheet that states "Down with Cleveland the Monopolist". Among the pursuers and those being pursued are William W. Phelps, Benjamin F. Butler carrying a bag of "Monopolist Fees", Robert Ingersoll, Keifer, George M. Robeson, Whitelaw Reid throwing "Dust" in the eyes of workingmen, Alonzo Cornell, Field, James G. Blaine carrying a bag of "$ from Monopolists" and "R.R. Stocks", Russell Sage, John Roach, and Jay Gould, as well as a dog with the face of John Kelly(?), and with a teapot labeled "Alliance with Monopolists" tied to its tail; all are determined to look like pursuers, instead of the object of the pursuit. Carl Schurz, dressed as a policeman, is standing on the sidewalk at far right. Two laborers are standing on the left, next to a sign that announces "Friend of the Workingman Meeting at Monopoly Hall To Night - J. Gould, C. Field, R. Sage, Robeson".
Authorized Access Point
Gillam, Bernhard, 1856-1896, "Stop thief!"