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Raising the funds to buy the presidency Raising the funds to buy the presidency
Still Image
Genre Form
Periodical illustrations--1880-1890.
Cartoons (Commentary)--1880-1890.
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Lccn: 2012645430
Color Content
Illustration shows Puck's Independent Party figure sitting on the left next to Puck beneath a sign that states "Independent Road to the White House"; at center, Almon M. Clapp, with a cashbox labeled "Republican Campaign Fund" and a sheet of paper that states "Permission to Remain in Office" appears with Green B. Raum, who is holding a box labeled "Absolution" containing papers that state "Indispensable Dispensation", selling indulgences for absolutions and dispensations to an old woman with a broom labeled "U.S.", a "U.S. Scrub-Woman", a "Page", a "Treasy. Clerk", and a "U.S. Postman" holding a paper that is a "Guarantee against Decapitation". In the background, Whitelaw Reid carries a banner that states "The Republican Party is the Party of Salvation", Thomas Brady and Stephen Dorsey carry banners that state "The Republican Party Must Stay No Matter How" and "This is Our Last Chance", and Powell Clayton drives a wagon carrying a safe labeled "Funds for an Aggressive Campaign". Also depicted are W.W. Phelps with a paper that states "Its Only a Matter of Money" and Robert Ingersoll holding a paper labeled "Sweet C.O.D."
Authorized Access Point
Keppler, Joseph Ferdinand, 1838-1894, Raising the funds to buy the presidency