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Toxicology and epigenetics Toxicology and epigenetics
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Table Of Contents
Environment, Epigenetics and Diseases / Robert Y.S. Cheng and Wan-yee Tang
DNA Methylation and Toxicogenomics / Deepti Dileep Deobagkar
Chromatin at the Intersection of Disease and Therapy / Delphine Quénet, Marcin Walkiewicz and Yamini Dalal
Molecular Epigenetic Changes Caused by Environmental Pollutants / Solange S. Lewis, Gregory J. Weber, Jennifer L. Freeman and Maria S. Sepulveda
Epigenetic mediation of environmental exposures to Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons / Bekim Sadikovic and David I. Rodenhiser
Epigenomic Actions of Environmental Arsenicals / Paul L. Severson & Bernard W. Futscher
Arsenic-induced Changes to the Epigenome / Kathryn A. Bailey and Rebecca C. Fry
Environmental Epigenetics, Asthma and Allergy : Our environment's Molecular Footprints / Stephanie Lovinsky-Desir and Rachel L. Miller
miRNAs in Human Prostate Cancer / Ernest K. Amankwah and Jong Y. Park
Environment, Epigenetics and Cardiovascular Health / Sanjukta Ghosh and Andrea Baccarelli
Toxicology, Epigenetics and Autoimmunity / Craig A. Cooney and Kathleen M. Gilbert
Toxicoepigenomics in Lupus / Donna Ray and Bruce C. Richardson
Ocular Epigenomics : Potential Sites of Environmental Impact in Development and Disease / Kenneth P. Mitton
Nuclear RNA Silencing and Related Phenomena in Animals / Radek Malik and Petr Svoboda
Epigenetic Biomarkers in Cancer Detection and Diagnosis / Ashley G. Rivenbark and William B. Coleman
Epigenetic Histone Changes in the Toxicologic mode of action of Arsenic / John F. Reichard and Alvaro Puga
Irreversible Effect of Diethylstilbestrol on Reproductive Organs and Current Approach for Epigenetic Effects of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals / Shinichi Miyagawa, Ryohei Yatsu, Tamotsu Sudo, Katsuhide Igarashi, Jun Kanno, and Taisen Iguchi
Epigenomics : Impact for Drug Safety Sciences / Harri Lempiäinen, Raphaelle Luisier, Arne Muller, Philippe Marc, David Heard, Federico Bolognani, Pierre Moulin, Philippe Couttet, Olivier Grenet, Jennifer Marlowe, Jonathan Moggs, and Rémi Terranova
Archival Toxicoepigenetics : Molecular Analysis of Modified DNA from Preserved Tissues in Toxicology Studies / B. Alex Merrick
Nanoparticles and Toxicoepigenomics / Manasi P. Jain, Angela O. Choi, and Dusica Maysinger
Methods of Global Epigenomic Profiling / Michael W.Y. Chan, Zhengang Peng, Jennifer R. Chao, Yingwei Li, Matthew T. Zuzolo, and Huey-Jen L. Lin
Transcriptomics : Applications in Epigenetic Toxicology / Pius Joseph
Carcinogenic metals alter histone tail modifications / Yana Chervona and Max Costa
Prediction of epigenetic and stochastic gene expression profiles of late effects after radiation exposure / Yoko Hirabayashi and Tohru Inoue
Modulation of developmentally regulated gene expression programs through targeting of polycomb and trithorax group proteins / Marjorie Brand and F. Jeffrey Dilworth
Chromatin Insulators and Epigenetic Inheritance in Health and Disease / Jingping Yang and Victor G. Corces
Bioinformatics for High-Throughput Toxico-epigenomics Studies / Maureen A. Sartor, Dana C. Dolinoy, Laura S. Rozek, and Gilbert S. Omenn
Computational Methods in Toxicoepigenomics / Joo Chuan Tong
Databases and Tools for Computational Epigenomics / V. Umashankar and S. Gurunathan
Interface of Epigenetics and Carcinogenic Risk Assessment / Paul Nioi
Epigenetic Modifications in Chemical Carcinogenesis / Igor P. Pogribny, Igor Koturbash, and Frederick A. Beland
Application of Cancer Toxicoepigenomics in Identifying High-Risk Populations / Mukesh Verma and Krishna K Banaudha.
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Sahu, Saura C. Toxicology and epigenetics