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Objective-C for absolute beginners
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LCC: QA76.73.O115 B46 2011 (Source: dlc)
DDC: 005.133 full
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Lccn: 2012471543
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Annotation You have a great idea for an app, but where do you begin? Objective-C is the universal language of iPhone, iPad, and Mac apps, andObjective-C for Absolute Beginners, Second Editionstartsyou on the path to mastering this language and its latest release.Using a hands-on approach, you'll learn how to think in programming terms, how to use Objective-C to construct program logic, and how to synthesize it all into working apps.Gary Bennett, an experienced app developer and trainer, will guide you on your journey to becoming asuccessful app developer.If you're looking to take the first step towards App Store success,Objective-C for Absolute Beginnersis the place to start.What youll learnThe fundamentals of computer programming: how to understand variables, design data structures, and work with file systemsThe logic of object-oriented programming: how to use Classes, Objects, and MethodsThe flexibility of Apples developer tools: how to install Xcode and write programs in Objective-CThe power of Cocoa and Cocoa touch: how to make Mac OS X applications or iOS apps that do cool stuffWho this book is forEveryone! This book is for anyone who wants to learn to develop apps for the Mac, iPhone, and iPad using the Objective-C programming language. No previous programming experience is necessary!Table of ContentsBecoming a Great iPhone/iPad or Mac ProgrammerProgramming BasicsIts All About the DataMaking Decisions About...and Planning Program FlowObject Oriented Programming with Objective-CLearning Objective-C and XcodeObjective-C Classes, Objects, and MethodsDiving into Objective-CMore Data ComparisonCreating User InterfacesStoring InformationProtocols and DelegatesMemory, Addresses, and PointersDebugging Programs with Xcode.
Table Of Contents
Becoming a great iOS or Mac programmer
Programming basics
It's all about the data
Making decisions about and planning program flow
Object oriented programming with Objective-C
Introducing Objective-C and Xcode
Objective-C classes, objects, and methods
Programming basics in Objective-C
Comparing data
Creating user interfaces
Storing information
Protocols and delegates
Memory, addresses, and pointers
Introducing the Xcode debugger.
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Bennett, Gary. Objective-C for absolute beginners
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Fisher, Mitch. Objective-C for absolute beginners
Lees, Brad. Objective-C for absolute beginners