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Silent strategists
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Few historians have looked beyond the Teapot Dome scandal and examined the naval policies of President Warren Harding and his secretary of navy, Edwin Denby. Both sponsored policies that nourished the nation's industrial infrastructure. Their legacy would yield a dividend of growth, production, employment, and ultimately, national security. In this revised edition, Professor Manley R. Irwin brings forth an innovative approach to researching these policies, papers, and archives, adding additional research from new documents which expand, enhance, and complement the first edition. The book argues that Harding and Denby exercised unusual foresight in preparing the navy for a war against Japan. Both individuals promulgated structural changes in the department and adopted a set of management tools that would redound to the navy in its prosecution of its Pacific offensive in World War II. Irwin's thorough investigation and addition of new evidence from original documents provides invaluable details and insights into the lasting legacy of the Harding Administration.--Back cover.
Table Of Contents
The Wilson Administration, 1913-1921
The Harding Administration, 1921-1923
The Coolidge-Hoover Administration, 1923-1933
The Franklin Roosevelt Administration, 1933-1941
The Pacific Campaign, 1941-1945
The silent strategists
The destruction of Edwin Denby
The Denby interval.
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Irwin, Manley Rutherford, Silent strategists