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Tyrannosaurid paleobiology Tyrannosaurid paleobiology
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Phylogenetic revision of Chingkankousaurus fragilis, a forgotten tyrannosauroid from the late Cretaceous of China / Stephen L. Brusatte, David W.E. Hone, and Xu Xing
The case for Nanotyrannus / Peter Larson
Preliminary analysis of a sub-adult tyrannosaurid skeleton from the Judith River Formation of Petroleum County, Montana / Walter W. Stein and Michael Triebold
Internal structure of tooth serrations / William L. Abler
Feet of the fierce (and not so fierce) : pedal proportions in large theropods, other non-avian dinosaurs, and large ground birds / James O. Farlow, Thomas R. Holtz Jr., Trevor H. Worthy, and Ralph E. Chapman
Relative size of brain and cerebrum in tyrannosaurid dinosaurs : an analysis using brain-endocast quantitative relationships in extant alligators / Grant R. Hurlburt, Ryan C. Ridgley, and Lawrence M. Witmer
Jane, in the flesh : the state of life-reconstruction in paleoart / Tyler Keillor
A comparative analysis of reconstructed jaw musculature and mechanics of some large theropods / Ralph E. Molnar
Tyrannosaurid craniocervical mobility : a preliminary qualitative assessment / Tanya Samman
Clawing their way to the top : tyrannosaurid pathology and lifestyle / Bruce M. Rothschild
Brodie abscess involving a tyrannosaur phalanx : imaging and implications / Christopher P. Vittore, MD, and Michael D. Henderson
Using pollen, leaves, and paleomagnetism to date a juvenile tyrannosaurid in Upper Cretaceous rock / William F. Harrison, Douglas J. Nichols, Michael D. Henderson, and Reed P. Scherer
The biomechanics of a plausible hunting strategy for Tyrannosaurus rex / David A. Krauss and John M. Robinson
A closer look at the hypothesis of scavenging vs. predation by Tyrannosaurus rex / Kenneth Carpenter
New evidence of predation by a large tyrannosaurid / Nate L. Murphy, Kenneth Carpenter, and David Trexler.
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Parrish, J. Michael, 1953- Tyrannosaurid paleobiology
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Molnar, Ralph E., Tyrannosaurid paleobiology
Currie, Philip J., Tyrannosaurid paleobiology
Koppelhus, Eva B. (Eva Bundgaard), Tyrannosaurid paleobiology