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Works Works. Selections. English. 2014
Kropotkin, Petr Alekseevich, kni︠a︡zʹ, 1842-1921, author.
McKay, Iain, editor.
Labor movement.
Genre Form
original (rus)
original (eng)
Most works translated from Russian; some originally written in English
Geographic Coverage
Soviet Union
LCC: HX833 .K73813 2014 (Source: dlc)
DDC: 335/.83 full
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Lccn: 2013945486
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Includes translation
Table Of Contents
Anarchism and anarchists. From Memoirs of a Revolutionist
The Lyon anarchist trial of 1883
The Place of Anarchism in Socialistic Evolution
Preface to Bakunin's The Paris Commune and the Idea of the State
Letter to Maria Isidine Goldsmith
Letter to Max Nettlau
From Modern Science and Anarchism
The Anarchist Principle
A Few Thoughts about the Essence of Anarchism
Letter to the Bakunin Centenary Celebration
From Ethics: Origin and Development
Capitalism and the State. From "Representative Government"
Our Riches
The Division of Labour
Economic Expedients
From The State: Its Historic Role
Prisons: Universities of Crime
From The Modern State
The Workers' Movement and Class Struggle. From Memoirs of a Revolutionist
Enemies of the People
The Workers' Movement in Spain
Workers' Organisation
The Use of the Strike
1st May 1891
The Death of the New International
Commemoration of the Chicago Martyrs
The Workers' Congress of 1896
Letter to French and British Trade Union Delegates
The Development of Trade-Unionism
From Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution
Politics and Socialism
Trade Unionism and Parliamentarism
Letter to The Voice of Labour
Anarchists and Trade Unions
1886-1907: Glimpses into the Labour Movement in this Country
Letter to Alexander Berkman
Syndicalism and Anarchism
Revolutions. From The Great French Revolution, 1789-1793
The Paris Commune
Commune of Paris
The Revolution in Russia
The Russian Revolution and Anarchism
Enough of Illusions!
Message to the Workers of the Western World
Social Revolution. From Memoirs of a Revolutionist
The Anarchist Idea from the Point Of View of Its Practical Realisation
Revolutionary Government
From Expropriation
What Revolution Means
Act For Yourselves
Local Action
Preface to Words of a Rebel (1904)
Insurrections and Revolution
Preface to How We Shall Bring About the Revolution
Anarchist Action in the Revolution
Postscript to Words of a Rebel (1919)
Anarchy. The Commune
From In Russian and French Prisons
Are We Good Enough?
The Permanence of Society after the Revolution
The Wage System
Communism And Anarchy
The Reformed School
From Fields, Factories and Workshops
Appendix: Mutual Aid: An Important Factor in Evolution
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Kropotkin, Petr Alekseevich, kni︠a︡zʹ, 1842-1921, Works. Selections. English. 2014
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McKay, Iain, Works. Selections. English. 2014