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Language typology and historical contingency
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LCC: P204 .L298 2013 (Source: dlc)
DDC: 415.01 full (Assigner: dlc)
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Lccn: 2013038029
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Table Of Contents
Discourse semantics and the form of the verb predicate in Karachay-Balkar : a corpus-based and experimental study / Andrej A. Kibrik
Typology and channel of communication : where do signed languages fit in? / Dan I. Slobin
Marking versus indexing : revisiting the Nichols marking-locus typology / Nicholas Evans & Eva Fenwick
Head-marking languages and linguistic theory / Robert D. Van Valin Jr.
Lessons of variability in clause coordination : evidence from North Caucasian languages / Aleksandr E. Kibrik
Noun classes grow on trees : noun classification in the North-East Caucasus / Keith Plaster, Maria Polinsky & Boris Harizanov
Affecting valence in Khumi / David A. Peterson
Capturing diversity in language acquisition research / Sabine Stoll & Balthasar Bickel
Who inherits what, when? : toward a theory of contact, substrates, and superimposition zones / Mark Donohue
Polysynthesis in the Arctic/Sub-Arctic : how recent is it? / Michael Fortescue
A (micro-)accretion zone in a remnant zone? : lower Fungom in areal-historical perspective / Jeff Good
A history of Iroquoian gender marking / Michael Cysouw
The Satem Shift, Armenian sisern, and the early Indo-European of the Balkans / Bill J. Darden
Penultimate lengthening in Bantu : analysis and spread / Larry M. Hyman
Culture and the spread of Slavic / Alan Timberlake
The syntax and pragmatics of Tungusic revisited / Lenore A. Grenoble
Some observations on typological features of hunter-gatherer languages / Michael Cysouw & Bernard Comrie
Typologizing phonetic precursors to sound change / Alan C.L. Yu
Distributional biases in language families / Balthasar Bickel
The morphology of imperatives in Lak : stem vowels in the second singular simplex transitive affirmative / Victor A. Friedman
Subgrouping in Tibeto-Burman : can an individual-identifying standard be developed? how do we factor in the history of migrations and language contact? / Randy J. LaPolla
Real data, contrived data, and the Yokuts Canon / William F. Weigel.
Authorized Access Point
Bickel, Balthasar, Language typology and historical contingency
Authorized Access Point Variant
Grenoble, Lenore A., Language typology and historical contingency
Peterson, David A. (David August), 1968- Language typology and historical contingency
Timberlake, Alan, Language typology and historical contingency
Nichols, Johanna, Language typology and historical contingency