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Plant epigenetics and epigenomics Plant epigenetics and epigenomics :
Plant genetics.
Plant genomes.
Plants--genetics--Laboratory Manuals.
Epigenesis, Genetic--Laboratory Manuals.
Plant genetics.
Plant genomes.
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Many fundamental discoveries concerning epigenetics and the elucidation of mechanisms of epigenetic regulation have developed from studies performed in plants. In Plant Epigenetics and Epigenomics: Methods and Protocols, leading scientists in the epigenetics field describe comprehensive techniques that have been developed to understand the plant epigenetic landscape. These include recently developed methods and techniques for analysis of epigenetically regulated traits, such as flowering time, transposon activation, genomic imprinting and genome dosage effects. Written in the highly successful Methods in Molecular Biology series format, chapters include introductions to their respective topics, lists of the necessary materials and reagents, step-by-step, readily reproducible laboratory protocols, and key tips on troubleshooting and avoidance of known pitfalls. Authoritative and practical, Plant Epigenetics and Epigenomics: Methods and Protocols seeks to aid scientists in the further study of plant epigenetic phenomena using advanced contemporary methods.-- Source other than Library of Congress.
Table Of Contents
1. Landscaping plant epigenetics / Peter C. McKeown and Charles Spillane
2. The gene balance hypothesis: dosage effects in plants / James A. Birchler and Reiner A. Veitia
3. High-throughput RNA-seq for allelic or locus-specific expression analysis in Arabidopsis-related species, hybrids, and allotetraploids / Danny W.-K. Ng, Xiaoli Shi, Gyoungju Nah and Z. Jeffrey Chen
4. Inference of allele-specific expression from RNA-seq data / Paul K. Korir and Cathal Seoighe
5. Screening for imprinted genes using high-resolution melting analysis of PCR amplicons / Robert Day and Richard Macknight
6. Analysis of genomic imprinting by quantitative allele-specific expression by pyrosequencing® / Peter C. McKeown, Antoine Fort and Charles Spilane
7. Endosperm-specific chromatin profiling by fluorence-activated nuclei sorting and chip-on-chip / Isabelle Weinhofer and Claudia Köhler
8. Imaging sexual reproduction in Arabidopsis using fluorescent markers / Mathieu Ingouff
9. Genome-wide analysis of DNA methylation in Arabidopsis using MeDIP-chip / Sandra Cortijo, René Wardenaar, Maria Colomé-Tatché, Frank Johannes and Vincent Colot
10. Methylation-sensitive amplified polymorphism (MSAP) marker to investigate drought-stress response in montepulciano and sangiovese grape cultivars / Emidio Albertini and Gianpiero Marconi
11. Detecting histone modifications inplants / Jie Song, Bas Rutjens and Caroline Dean
12. Quantitatively profiling genome-wide patterns of histone modifications in Arabidopsis thaliana using a chIP-seq / Chongyuan Luo and Eric Lam
13. Analysis of retrotransposon activity in plants / Christopher DeFraia and R. Keith Slotkin
14. Detecting epigenetic effects of transposable elements in plants / Christian Parisod, Armel Salmon, Malika Ainouche and Marie-Angèle Grandbastieu
15. Detection and investigation of transitive gene silencing in plants / Leen Vermeersch, Nancy De Winne and And Depicker.
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Spillane, Charlie, Plant epigenetics and epigenomics
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McKeown, Peter C., Plant epigenetics and epigenomics