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Human development and performance throughout the lifespan
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Table Of Contents
Pt. 1. Foundations for understanding function, disability, and health. 1. Human performance: function as an organizing framework / MaryBeth Mandich and Anne Cronin : Defining health, function, and disablement ; Conceptual frameworks of disablement ; The International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) ; Putting the ICF into practice ; Domains of performance and function ; Clinical frames of reference ; The ICF and rehabilitation ; Dimensions of human function over the life span ; The ICF in practice
2. Human performance: the life course perspective / MaryBeth Mandich and Anne Cronin : Life span behavioral change ; Neuroscience and life course development ; Genetics and life course development: nature-nurture revisited ; Developmental systems theory ; Systems theory of motor control ; Family systems ; Systems and health: life course theory and health ; Development model ; Health professionals and the knowledge of human development ; Life course theory, the ICF, and systems ; Turning points
3. Classic theories of human development / MaryBeth Mandich : Classification of theory ; Affective domain ; Cognitive domain ; Psychomotor domain ; Continuous multi-domain: behaviorism ; Who really cares about theory
4. Culture and development / Anne Cronin with contributions by Winifred Schultz-Krohn : Definition of terms ; Culture as a system of learned values ; Acculturation ; Cultural characteristics ; Cultural influences on development ; Poverty and development ; Culture, language, and health literacy ; Cultural beliefs about disability ; Culture across borders
5. Life span communication / Anne Cronin : Definitions ; Communication in the ICF ; The interrelationship between culture and communication ; Communication development ; Linguistic development ; Refining language skills ; Metalinguistic awareness ; Written communication ; Impact of language skills ; Communication disorders ; Language impairment ; Alternative and augmentative communication (AAC) and assistive technology (AT) ; Life and relationships
6. Mental functions and learning across the life span / Anne Cronin : Terminology of the ICF ; Learning and applying knowledge ; Making a difference
7. Environmental contexts / Anne Cronin with contributions by Ingrid M. Kanics : Natural environment and human-made changes to the environment ; Products and technology ; Support and relationships ; Barriers
Pt. 2. Life state characteristics. 8. Prenatal development / Elsie R. Vergara and MaryBeth Mandich : Overview of prenatal development ; Prenatal classification systems ; Development of body structure in the pre-embryonic (germinal) period ; Development of body structure in the embryonic period ; Development of body structure in the fetal period ; Prenatal development of body function ; Contemporary medical issues regarding prenatal development ; Genetics and biology
9. The newborn / MaryBeth Mandich : The term infant ; Activity and participation ; Environmental and family issues ; The at-risk infant ; Preterm infants ; Practice in the NICU
10. Infancy / MaryBeth Mandich : Body structure and function: change over the first year ; The first year of life: an overview ; Variations in development ; The foundation of infancy ; The parent-infant bond
11. Family and disability issues through infancy / Anne Cronin : Attachment issues ; High-risk infant care ; Siblings of medically fragile infants ; Fragmentation of health care services ; Social and medical factors related to disability in infants ; Common causes of disability and chronic illness in infancy ; Chronic and disabling diseases in infancy ; Characteristics of the condition ; Families, culture, and coping with infant illness ; Major life areas ; Early intervention and special education ; Service under IDEA ; Ethics and children with a chronic condition ; Chronic sorrow
12. Development in the preschool years / Anne Cronin : Body structures and functions ; Development of self-care skills ; School-readiness skills ; Chronic childhood conditions
13. Childhood and school / Anne Cronin : Body functions and structures ; Asynchronous development ; Activities and participation ; School challenges
14. Adolescent development / Anne Cronin : Body functions and structures ; Activities and participation ; Health and impairment ; Those teen years
15. Family and disablement issues throughout childhood / Anne Cronin and Susannah Grimm Poe : Development differences and the family ; Common development disabilities ; Common acquired or emergent conditions in children and adolescents ; Family culture and culturally responsive health care ; Major life areas ; My special gift
16. Early adulthood / Anne Cronin : What is early adulthood? ; Body functions and structures ; Activities and participation ; Major life areas ; Community, social, and civic life ; Recreation and leisure ; Religion and spirituality ; Labels
17. Middle adulthood / Anne Cronin : Body functions and structures ; Health risks in middle adulthood ; Activities and participation ; Major life areas ; Community, social, and civic life ; Life in the middle
18. Late adulthood / Anne Cronin with contributions from Pamela Reynolds : The biology of aging ; Body functions and structures ; Health risks in late adulthood ; Activities and participation ; Major life areas ; Community, social, and civic life ; The simple things
19. Family and disablement in adulthood / Anne Cronin and Garth Graebe : Common causes of disability in adulthood ; The experience of acquired disability in early and middle adulthood ; Major life areas ; The experience of congenital/developmental disability in adulthood ; The experience of disability in late adulthood ; Hanging on to loved ones and home
20. Wellness, prevention, and health promotion / Ralph Utzman and Anne Cronin : Population health and healthy people 2020 ; Improving the health of communities ; Community health interventions ; Wellness and health behaviors ; Health policy, prevention, and the future ; Wellness and child mental health
Pt. 3. Special topics in human development and performance. 21. Public policy and health care / Barbara L. Kornblau and Anne Cronin : Social justice ; Policy on an international scale ; National policy ; Antidiscrimination legislation ; Entitlement programs ; Health care policy ; Advocacy and political action ; Policy issues for rehabilitation professionals ; Telehealth ; Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) ; Oh! The politics of health care!
22. Assessment of human performance across the lifespan / MaryBeth Mandich, Anne Cronin and Toby Long : Models of assessment ; Tests and measures ; Overview of common assessments by ICF dimension ; Assessment as a guide to treatment ; The ICF, health outcomes, and health policy ; Measuring the unmeasureable.
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Cronin, Anne, Human development and performance throughout the lifespan
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Mandich, MaryBeth, Human development and performance throughout the lifespan