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Genre Form
sung or spoken text (lat)
sung or spoken text (ger)
Sung in Latin (Masses) and German (Die Schöpfung)
Identified By
Lccn: 2014625989
performed music (Source: rdacontent)
Table Of Contents
6 Paris symphonies. C major, Hob. I:82 : "L'ours" (25:00) ; G minor, Hob. I:83 : "La poule" (22:00) ; E-flat major, Hob. I:84 (24:00) ; B-flat major, Hob. I:85 : "La reine" (22:00) ; D major, Hob. I:86 (30:00) ; A major, Hob. I:87 (25:00)
12 London symphonies. D major, Hob. I:93 (25:00) ; G major, Hob. I:94 : "Surprise" (27:00) ; C minor, Hob. I:95 (22:00) ; D major, Hob. I:96 : "Miracle" (24:00) ; C major, Hob. I:97 (27:00) ; B-flat major, Hob. I:98 (33:00) ; E-flat major, Hob. I:99 (29:00) ; G major, Hob. I:100 : "Military" (26:00) ; B-flat major, Hob. I:102 (27:00) ; D major, Hob. I:104 : "London" (24:00) ; D major, Hob. I:101 : "The clock" (30:00) ; E-flat major, Hob. I:103 (31:00)
Missa in tempore belli : Hob. XXII:9 (Patricia Wells, soprano; Gwendolyn Killebrew, mezzo-soprano; Michael Devlin, tenor; Alan Titus, baritone; Norman Scribner Choir) (43:52)
Missa in angustiis : Hob. XXII:11 = "Nelson Mass" (Judith Blegen, soprano; Gwendolyn Killebrew, mezzo-soprano; Kenneth Riegel, tenor; Simon Estes, bass; Westminster Choir) (43:00)
Symphony in G major, Hob. I:88 (21:00)
Die Schöpfung : Hob. XXI:2 (Judith Raskin, soprano; Alexander Young, tenor; John Reardon, baritone; Camerata Singers) (105:00)
"Harmoniemesse" : Hob. XXII:14 (Judith Blegen, soprano; Frederica von Stade, mezzo-soprano; Kenneth Riegel, tenor; Simon Estes, bass-baritone; Westminster Choir) (45:00)
"Theresienmesse" : H. XXII:12 (Lucia Popp, soprano; Rosalind Elias, mezzo-soprano; Robert Tear, tenor; Paul Hudson, baritone; London Symphony Chorus and Orchestra) (43:13).
Date: 1958-XX-XX/1976-XX-XX Place: 3804 N4 lcc-g
Date: 1979-05-141979-05-15 Place: 5754 L7 lcc-g
Recorded 1958-1976, in New York (principally), and May 14-15, 1979, Henry Wood Hall, London (Theresienmesse).
Authorized Access Point
Haydn, Joseph, 1732-1809. Works. Selections
Authorized Access Point Variant
Bernstein, Leonard, 1918-1990. Works. Selections
Wells, Patricia (Soprano) Works. Selections
Killebrew, Gwendolyn. Works. Selections
Devlin, Michael, 1942- Works. Selections
Titus, Alan. Works. Selections
Blegen, Judith. Works. Selections
Riegel, Kenneth. Works. Selections
Estes, Simon. Works. Selections
Raskin, Judith. Works. Selections
Young, Alexander, 1920-2000. Works. Selections
Reardon, John, 1930-1988. Works. Selections
Von Stade, Frederica. Works. Selections
Popp, Lucia. Works. Selections
Elias, Rosalind. Works. Selections
Tear, Robert. Works. Selections
Hudson, Paul, 1945- Works. Selections
New York Philharmonic. Works. Selections
Norman Scribner Chorus. Works. Selections
Westminster Choir. Works. Selections
Camerata Singers. Works. Selections
London Symphony Chorus. Works. Selections
London Symphony Orchestra. Works. Selections