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Personalized epigenetics
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LCC: QH450 .P467 2015 (Source: dlc)
DDC: 572.8/65 full (Assigner: dlc)
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Lccn: 2015934648
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Table Of Contents
Epigenetics of personalized medicine / Trygve O. Tollefsbol
Interindividual variability of DNA methylation / Louis P. Watanabe and Nicole C. Riddle
Differences in histone modifications between individuals / Christoph A. Zimmermann, Anke Hoffmann, Elisabeth B. Binder and Dietmar Spengler
Individual noncoding RNA variations : their role in shaping and maintaining the epigenetic landscape / Emily Machiela, Anthony Popkie and Lorenzo F. Sempere
Personalized epigenetics : analysis and interpretation of DNA methylation variation / Hehuang Xie
Computational methods in epigenetics / Vanessa Aguiar-Pulido, Victoria Suarez-Ulloa, Jose M. Eirin-Lopez, Javier Pereira and Giri Narasimhan
Epigenetic biomarkers in personalized medicine / Fabio Coppedè, Angela Lopomo and Lucia Migliore
Epigenetic fingerprint / Leda Kovatsi, Athina Vidaki, Domniki Fragou and D. Syndercombe Court
Epigenetics of personalized toxicology / Alexandre F. Aissa and Lusânia M.G. Antunes
Environmental contaminants and their relationship to the epigenome / Andrew E. Yosim, Monica D. Nye and Rebecca C. Fry
Nutriepigenomics : personalized nutrition meets epigenetics / Anders M. Lindroth, Joo H. Park, Yeongran Yoo and Yoon J. Park
Personalized pharmacoepigenomics / Jacob Peedicayil
Personalized medicine and epigenetic drug development / Kenneth Lundstrom
Epigenetics and personalized pain management / Seena K. Ajit
Understanding interindividual epigenetic variations in obesity and its management / Sonal Patel, Arpankumar Choksi and Samit Chattopadhyay
Epigenetic modifications of miRNAs in cancer / Ammad A. Farooqi, Muhammad Z. Qureshi and Muhammad Ismail
Managing autoimmune disorders through personalized epigenetic approaches / Christopher Chang
Cardiovascular diseases and personalized epigenetics / Adam M. Zawada and Gunnar H. Heine
Future challenges and prospects for personalized epigenetics / Peng Zhang, Ying Liu, Qianjin Lu and Christopher Chang.
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Tollefsbol, Trygve O., Personalized epigenetics