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Possession and ownership
Aĭkhenvalʹd, A. I︠U︡. (Aleksandra I︠U︡rʹevna), editor.
Dixon, Robert M. W., 1939- editor.
LCC: P299.P67 P665 2015 (Source: dlc)
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Lccn: 2015295496
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Table Of Contents
Possession and ownership: a cross-linguistic perspective / Alexandra Y. Aikhenvale. Preamble ; Meanings and forms in possessive noun phrases ; Beyond a noun phrase: possession within a clause ; Possessive marking in its further uses ; Possession and language contact ; Possession in grammar and society ; Possession and owndership: what can we conclude?
Owndership, part-whole, and other possessive-associative relations in Nelemwa (New Caldonia / Isabelle Bril. General characteristics of Nelemwa ; Possessive constructions with animates ; Part-whole and other relations with inanimate determiners ; Possessive determination of nominalizations ; Relational determination of quantifiers ; Possession within a clause: possessive predication ; To conclude
Possession in Moskona, an East Bird's Head language / Gloria J. Gravelle. Possession in Moskona ; The Moskona language ; Core types of possessive relationships ; Possession in noun phrases ; Possession expressed by a clause ; External possession ; Possession and language contact ; Possession in society
Possession and ownership in Manambu, a Ndu langugage from the Sepik area, Papua New Guinea / Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald. The Manambu and their possessions ; The Manambus language: a typological snapshot ; Meanings and forms of possessive noun phrases ; Possession within a clause ; Intangible possessions: clans, totems, and names ; Possession in grammar and society
Possession in Martuthunira / Alan Dench. Meaning and forms of nominal possessive constructions ; Kindship relations ; Part-whole ; Verbal coding of possession ; Cultural patterns
Possession in Nanti / Lev Michael. Sociolinguistic and typological background ; Possession the the noun phrase ; Possession in the verb phrase ; Possession-like constructions: part-whole classifier constructions ; Culture contact and possession
Possession and association in Galo language and culture / Mark W. Post. Possession in the noun phrase: the genitive ; Predicative possession ; Possession and ownership in Galo culture ; Possession or association? an evolutionary perspective
Possessive constructions in Mandarin Chinese / Yongxian Luo. Possessive constructions and possessive making in Chinese ; Possessive, classifiers, demonstratives, and definiteness ; Possession within the clause ; Possession in morpho-syntax, lexicon, and society
Possession in Hone / Anne Storch. Nominal possession ; Predicative possession
Possessive constructions in Likpe / Felix K. Ameka. Likpe: the language and its speakers ; Nominal possessive constructions ; Predicative possessive constructions ; Contact and areal dimensions ; Concluding remarks
Possession in Wandala / Zygmunt Frajzyngier. Relational modification ; Modification of non-relational constituents ; Modification of relational nouns ; Nominal modification of relational nouns ; Definiteness of the head with the third-person pronoun ; Possessive predication ; Possessive interpretations of existential predications
Spirits of the forest, the wind, and new wealth: defining some of the possibilities, and limits, of Kamula possession / Michael Wood. Some mainly Melanesian arguments about possession ; Possession, spirits, and sources ; The Kamula and their language ; Person, place, and possession ; Fathers ; Aiyalma and edging toward exclusive possession ; Climate change, clean wind, and oil as theft
Being and beloning: exchange, value, and land owndership in the Western Highlands of Papula New Guinea / Rosita Henry. Temboka ; Principles of social organization and land tenure in the Nebilyer Valley ; Linguistic dimensions of possession and ownership ; The 'Segmentary Person' ; Thye Ganiga and their neighbour, Joe Leahy
Possession and also owndership
vignettes / R.M.W. Dixon. Comitative and privative used for predicative possession ; Possessor as head of an inalienable construction ; What can be possessed, and owned
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Aĭkhenvalʹd, A. I︠U︡. (Aleksandra I︠U︡rʹevna), Possession and ownership
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Dixon, Robert M. W., 1939- Possession and ownership