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Snow leopards
McCarthy, Tom, Ph. D., editor of compilation.
Mallon, David. editor of compilation.
Nyhus, Philip J., editor of series.
Snow leopard.
Snow leopard--Conservation.
Snow leopard--Conservation--Social aspects.
Rare mammals--Asia.
Mountain animals--Asia.
Snow leopard.
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LCC: QL737.C23 S578 2016 (Source: dlc)
DDC: 333.9597555 full
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Lccn: 2017287348
Table Of Contents
I. Defining the Snow Leopard. 1. What is a snow leopard? : taxonomy, morphology, and phylogeny / Andrew C. Kitchener, Carlos A. Driscoll, Nobuyuki Yamaguchi ; 2. What is a snow leopard? : behavior and ecology / Joseph L. Fox, Raghunandan S. Chundawat ; 3. What is a snow leopard? : biogeography and status overview / Thomas McCarthy [and four others] ; 4 Snow leopard prey and diet / David Mallon, Richard B. Harris, Per Wegge
II. Conservation Concerns. 5. Livestock predation by snow leopards : conflicts and the search for solutions / Charudutt Mishra, Stephen R. Redpath, Kulbhushansingh R. Suryawanshi ; 6. Living on the edge : depletion of wild prey and survival of the snow leopard / Sandro Lovari, Charudutt Mishra ; 7. Monitoring illegal trade in snow leopards (2003-2012) / Aishwarya Maheshwari, Stephanie von Meibom ; 8. Climate change impacts on snow leopard range / John D. Farrington, Juan Li ; 9. Diseases of free-ranging snow leopards and primary prey species / Stéphane Ostrowski, Martin Gilbert ; 10. Resource extraction. 10.1. Introduction / Peter Zahler. 10.2. Emerging threats to snow leopards from energy and mineral development / Michael Heiner [and four others]. 10.3. Linear infrastructure and snow leopard conservation / Peter Zahler. 10.4. Harvesting of caterpillar fungus and wood by local people / John D. Farrington. 10.5. Synthesis / Peter Zahler
III. Conservation Solutions In Situ. 11. The role of mountain communities in snow leopard conservation / Rodney M. Jackson, Wendy Brewer Lama ; 12. Building community governance structures and institutions for snow leopard conservation / Peter Zahler, Richard Paley ; 13. Incentive and reward programs in snow leopard conservation. 13.1. Himalayan homestays : fostering human-snow leopard coexistence / Tsewang Namgail, Bipasha Majumder, Jigmet Dadul. 13.2 Handicrafts : snow leopard enterprise in Mongolia / Bayarjargal Agvaantseren [and four others]. 13.3. A review of lessons, successes and pitfalls of livestock insurance schemes / Kyran Kunkel, Shafqat Hussein, Ambika Khatiwada ; 14. Livestock husbandry and snow leopard conservation. 14.1. Corral improvements / Ghulam Mohammad [and three others]. 14.2. The role of village reserves in revitalizing the natural prey base of the snow leopard / Charadutt Mishra [and nine others]. 14.3. The Ecosystem Health Program : a tool to promote the co-existence of livestock owners and snow leopards / Muhammad Ali Nawaz, Jaffar Ud Din, Hafeez Buzdar ; 15. Religion and cultural impacts on snow leopard conservation. 15.1. Introduction / Betsy Gaines Quammen. 15.2. Tibetan Buddhist monastery-based snow leopard conservation / Juan Li, Hang Yin, Zhi Lu. 15.3. Shamanism in Central Asian snow leopard cultures / Apela Colorado, Nargiza Ryskulova. 15.4. Snow leopards in art and legend of the Pamir / John Mock. 15.5. The snow leopard in symbolism, heraldry and numismatics : the order "Barys" and title "Snow Leopard" / Irina Loginova ; 16. Trophy hunting as a conservation tool for snow leopards. 16.1. The Trophy Hunting Program : enhancing snow leopard prey populations through community participation / Muhammad Ali Nawaz [and three others]. 16.2. Argali sheep (Ovis ammon) and Siberian ibex (Capra sibirica) trophy hunting in Mongolia / Richard P. Reading, Sukh Amgalanbaatar. 16.3. Hunting of prey species : a review of lessons, successes and pitfalls - experiences from Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan / Stefan Michel, Tatjana Rosen ; 17. Environmental education for snow leopard conservation / Darla Hillard [and five others] ; 18. Law enforcement in snow leopard conservation / Nick Beale, Ioana Botezatu ; 19. Transboundary initiatives and snow leopard conservation / Tatjana Rosen, Peter Zahler ; 20. Corporate business and the conservation of the snow leopard : worlds that need not collide / Paul Hotham [and three others]
IV. Conservation Solutions Ex Situ. 21. Role of zoos in snow leopard conservation : management of captive snow leopards in the EAZA region / Leif Blomqvist, Alexander Sliwa ; 22. Role of zoos in snow leopard conservation : the Species Survival Plan in North America / Jay Tetzloff ; 23. The role of zoos in snow leopard conservation : captive snow leopards as ambassadors of wild kin. 23.1. Kolmården Wildlife Park : supporting snow leopards in the wild, sharing the message at home / Thomas Lind. 23.2. Woodland Park Zoo : from a zoo came a true snow leopard champion / Fred W. Koontz. 23.3. Bronx Zoo : ambassadors from the roof of the world / Patrick R. Thomas ; 24. Rescue and rehabilitation centers and reintroductions to the wild. 24.1. Rescue, rehabilitation, translocation, reintroduction, and captive rearing : lessons from handling the other big cats / Dale G. Miquelle [and others]. 24.2. NABU Snow Leopard Rehabilitation Center in Kyrgyzstan / Boris Tichomirow
V. Techniques and Technologies for the Study of a Cryptic Felid. 25. Snow leopard research : a historical perspective / Don Hunter, Kyle McCarthy, Thomas McCarthy ; 26. From VHF to satellite GPS collars : advancements in snow leopard telemetry / Örjan Johansson, Anthony Simms, Thomas McCarthy ; 27. The role of genetics. 27.1. Conservation genetics of snow leopards / Anthony Caragiulo, George Amato, Byron Weckworth. 27.2. Diet reconstruction of snow leopard using genetic techniques / Wasim Shehzad ; 28. Camera trapping : advancing the technology / Wai-Ming Wong, Shannon Kachel ; 29. Landscape ecology : linking landscape metrics to ecological processes / Hugh S. Robinson, Byron Weckworth
VI. Snow Leopard Status and Conservation : Regional Reviews and Updates. 30. Central Asia : Afghanistan / Zalmai Moheb, Richard Paley ; 31. Central Asia : Kyrgyzstan / Askar Davletbakov [and six others] ; 32 Central Asia : Kazakhstan / Oleg Loginov ; 33. Central Asia : Tajikistan / Abdusattor Saidov [and three others] ; 34. Central Asia : Uzbekistan / Alexander Esipov [and three others] ; 35. South Asia : Bhutan / Tshewang R. Wangchuk, Lhendup Tharchen ; 36. South Asia : India / Yash Veer Bhatnagar [and eight others] ; 37. South Asia : Nepal / Som Ale, Karan B. Shah, Rodney M. Jackson ; 38. South Asia : Pakistan. 38.1. Snow leopard conservation in Pakistan : a historical perspective / Ahmad Khan. 38.2. The current state of snow leopard conservation in Pakistan / Jaffar Ud Din, Hussain Ali, Muhammad Ali Nawaz ; 39. Northern range : Mongolia / Bariushaa Munkhtsog [and three others] ; 40. Northern range : Russia / Mikhail Paltsyn [and thirteen others] ; 41. China : the Tibetan Plateau, Sanjiangyuan Region / Yanlin Liu [and five others] ; 42. China : current state of snow leopard conservation in China / Philip Riordan, Kun Shi
VII. The Future of Snow Leopards. 43. Sharing the conservation message / Rana Bayrakçismith, Sibylle Noras, Heather Hemmingmoore ; 44. Global strategies for snow leopard conservation : a synthesis / Eric W. Sanderson [and four others] ; 45. The Global Snow Leopard and Ecosystem Protection Program / Andrew Zakharenka [and others] ; 46. Joining up the spots : aligning approaches to big cat conservation from policy to the field / Urs Breitenmoser [and three others] ; 47. Future prospects for snow leopard survival / David Mallon, Thomas McCarthy.
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McCarthy, Tom, Ph. D., Snow leopards
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Nyhus, Philip J., Snow leopards