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The Oxford handbook of sovereign wealth funds Oxford handbook of sovereign wealth funds
Sovereign wealth funds.
Sovereign wealth funds.
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Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWFs) represent both an increasingly important - and potentially dominant - category of alternative investor, and a novel form for governments to project their interests both at home and abroad. As such, they represent both economic actors and embody power vested in the financial and diplomatic resources they can leverage. Although at times they have acted in concert with other alternative investors, their intergenerational savings function should, in theory at least, promote more long-termist thinking. However, they may be impelled toward greater short termism in response to popular pressures, demands from predatory elites and/or unforeseen external shocks. Of all the categories of alternative investment, SWFs perhaps embody the most contradictory pressures, making for diverse and complex outcomes. The aim of this volume is to consolidate the present state of the art, and advance the field through new applied, conceptual and theoretical insights. The volume is ordered into chapters that explore thematic issues and country studies, incorporating novel insights into the most recent developments in the SWF ecosystem. This handbook is organized into four sections and 24 chapters. The four sections are: Size and Governance of SWFs, Political and Legal Aspects of SWFs, Investment Choices and Structures of SWFs, Country and Regional Analyses of SWFs.
Table Of Contents
Part I. Size and Governance of Sovereign Wealth Funds. Introducing Sovereign Wealth Funds / Douglas Cumming / Igor Filatotchev / Juliane Reinecke / Geoffrey Wood ; A Financial Force to be Reckoned With? An Overview of Sovereign Wealth Funds / Veljko Fotak / Xuechen Gao / William L. Megginson ; Sovereign Development Funds: The Governance and Management of Strategic Investment Institutions / Peter Bruce-Clark and Ashby H.B. Monk ; From Financialization to Vulture Developmentalism: South-North Strategic Sovereign Wealth Fund Investment and the Politics of the 'Quadruple Bottom Line' / Daniel Haberly ; Sovereign Wealth Funds and the Resource Curse: Resource Funds and Governance in Resource-rich Countries / Jedrzej George Frynas
Part II. Political and Legal Aspects of Sovereign Wealth Funds. Sovereign Wealth Funds and the Global Political Economy of Trust and Legitimacy / Gordon Clark and Adam Dixon ; Sovereign Funds and Domestic Political Risk / Paul Rose ; Sovereign Wealth Funds and Foreign Policy / Kathryn C. Lavelle ; Sovereign Wealth and the Extraterritorial Manipulation of Corporate Conduct: A Multifaceted Paradigm in Transnational Law / Salar Ghahramani
Part III. Investment Choices and Structures of Sovereign Wealth Funds. Sovereign Wealth Funds and Private Equity / Mike Wright and Kevin Amess ; The Use of Debt by Sovereign Wealth Fund / Fabio Bertroni and Stefano Lugo ; Sovereign Wealth Fund Investment and Firm Volatility / April Knill and Nathan Mauck ; Sovereign Wealth Funds: Investment Choices and Implications around the World / Nuno Fernandes ; The China Investment Corporation: From Inception to Sideline / Christopher Balding and Kevin Chastagner ; Investment Contractual Terms and Level of Control of China's Sovereign Wealth Fund in its Portfolio Firms / Jing Li ; Strangers Are Not All Danger: SWF Investment in the Energy Industry / Di Wang
Part IV. Country and Regional Analysis of Sovereign Wealth Funds. The Norwegian Government Pension Fund-Global and the Implications of its Activities for Stakeholders / Geoffrey Wood, Noel O'Sullivan, Marc Goergen and Marijana Baric ; Sovereign Wealth Fund Investments and Industry Performance: Evidence from Europe / Sophie Bereaua, Jean-Yves Gnabo, Malik Kerkourb, Helene Raymond ; Spain and Sovereign Wealth Funds: Four Strategic Governance Types / Javier Capape, Ruth V. Aguilera and Javier Santiso ; Sovereign Wealth Funds in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) / Piotr Wisniewski ; Sovereign Wealth Funds in the Persian Gulf States / Gawdat Bahgat ; The Australian Future Fund / Xu Yi-Chong ; Is it possible to avoid the St. Augustine Syndrome of fiscal procrastination? The Case of Chile / Eric Parrado.
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