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New perspectives on pterosaur palaeobiology
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Lccn: 2017471065
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Table Of Contents
New perspectives on pterosaur palaeobiology / D. W. W. Hone, M. P. Witton & D. M. Martill
Pterosaurs in Mesozoic food webs: a review of fossil evidence / M. P. Witton
Using three-dimensional, digital models of pterosaur skulls for the investigation of their relative bite forces and feeding styles / D. M. Henderson
Pelvic musculature of Vectidraco daisymorrisae and consequences for pterosaur locomotion / R. A. Frigot
Inferring the properties of the pterosaur wing membrane / C. Palmer
Waves of bone deposition on the rostrum of the pterosaur Pteranodon / S. C. Bennett & P. Penkalski
Neonate morphonology and development in pterosaurs: evidence from a Ctenochasmatid embryo from the Early Cretaceous of Argentina / L. Codorniu, L. Chiappe & D. Rivarola
Short note on a new anurognathid pterosaur with evidence of perching behaviour from Jianchang of Liaoning Province, China / J. Lu, Q. Meng, B.Wang, D. Liu, C. Shen & Y. Zhang
Pterosaur material from the uppermost Jurassic of the uppermost Morrison Formation, Breakfast Bench Facies, Como Bluff, Wyoming, including a pterosaur with pneumatized femora / M. A. McLain & R. T. Bakker
The taxonomy and phylogeny of Diopecephalus kochi (Wagner, 1837) and 'Germanodactylus rhamphastinus' (Wagner, 1851) / S. U. Vidovic & D. M. Martill
A taxonomic revision of Noripterus complicidens and Asian members of the Dsungaripteridae / D. W. Hone, S. Jiang & X. Xu
Topotype specimens probably attributable to the giant azhdarchid pterosaur Arambourgiania philadelphiae (Arambourg 1959) / D. M. Martill & M. Moser
The pterosaur assemblage of the Oxford Clay Formation (Jurassic, Callovian
Oxfordian) from the UK / M. O'Sullivan
Systematic reassessment of the first Jurassic pterosaur from Thailand / D. M. Unwin & D. M. Martill
A large pterodactyloid pterosaur from the Late Cretaceous Ferron Sandstone of Utah / S. C. Bennett / Cervical vertebrae of an enigmatic pterosaur from the Crato Formation (Lower Cretaceous, Araripe Basin, NE Brazil) / M. E. C. Leal, R. V. Pegas, N. Bonde & A. W. A. Kellner
A wing metacarpal from Italy and its implications for latest Cretaceous pterosaur diversity / F. M. Dalla Vecchia
A new pterosaur specimen from the Upper Tumbridge Wells Sand Formation (Cretaceous, Valanginian) of southern England and a review of Lonchodectes sagittirostris (Owen 1874) / S. Rigal, D. M. Martill & S. C. Sweetman.
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Hone, David W. E., New perspectives on pterosaur palaeobiology
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Witton, Mark P., 1984- New perspectives on pterosaur palaeobiology
Martill, David M., New perspectives on pterosaur palaeobiology
Geological Society of London, New perspectives on pterosaur palaeobiology