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Vocal music Vocal music. Selections
Genre Form
sung or spoken text (ara)
sung or spoken text (ger)
sung or spoken text (heb)
original (ara)
original (heb)
libretto (heb)
libretto (ara)
libretto (eng)
libretto (ger)
accompanying material (eng)
accompanying material (heb)
Sung in Hebrew (1st work), Arabic (2nd-4th works), and German (5th work)
Identified By
Lccn: 2018620439
performed music (Source: rdacontent)
Includes translation
Table Of Contents
Naʻarah parpar naʻarah : girsah le-sopran ṿe-ansambel ḳameri = Girl butterfly girl : version for soprano and chamber ensemble (8:40)
Ki-shene ʻanafim : le-maḳhelah ḳamerit, sheni abuvim, ts'elo, ḳanun u-maʻarekhet tupe ṭor = Like two branches : for chamber choir, two oboes, violoncello, kanun, and tar drums (38:54)
Ki-shene ʻanafim : ḳeṭaʻim mi-tokh ha-yetsirah be-shiluv ha-ḳanun = Like two branches : selected passages performed with kanun (8:03)
Naʻarah parpar naʻarah : girsah le-sopran ṿe-tizmoret simfonit = Girl butterfly girl : version for soprano and symphony orchestra (9:11)
Naʻarah parpar naʻarah. Shir mas. 3, "Aron ha-metim she-mikhesehu raḥoḳ" : girsah le-ḳol (metso-sopran) u-fesanter = Girl butterfly girl. Song no. 3, "Der Sarg mit entferntem Deckel" : version for voice (mezzo-soprano) and piano (2:30).
Date: 2012-04-132008-12-262009-03-262012-04-132013-03-01
Recorded Apr. 13, 2012, Czech Republic (1st work); Dec. 26, 2008, At the Sounds in the Desert Festival, Israel (2nd work); Mar. 26, 2009, Jerusalem, Israel (3rd work); Apr. 13, 2012, Czech Republic (4th work); and Mar. 1, 2013, Germany (5th work).
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Authorized Access Point
Fleischer, Tsippi. Vocal music. Selections
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Levita, Yael. Vocal music. Selections
Vronský, Petr. Vocal music. Selections
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Chasson, Tamir. Vocal music. Selections
Bohnenkamp, Christine. Vocal music. Selections
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Naked Voices (Musical group) Vocal music. Selections