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Science and technology studies (Series)
Sci. technol. stud. (Ser., Print)
Science and technology studies (Series. Print)
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Periodicals. fst01411641 (Source: OCoLC)
LCC: Q175.4
DDC: 303.483 abridged (Assigner: dlc)
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Lccn: 2018203492
Issn: 2639-3212 (Source: 1)
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Not to be confused with other, older continuations with the same title published by Transaction or Sage.
"There is little doubt that science and technology are the most influential agents of global circulation of cultures. Science & Technology Studies (STS) is a well-established discipline that has for some time challenged simplistic understanding of science and technology (S&T) by drawing on perspectives from history, philosophy and sociology. However, an asymmetry between 'western' and 'eastern' cultures continues, not only in the production of new S&T but also in their analysis. At the same time, these cultures which have little contribution to the understanding of S&T are also becoming their dominant consumers. More importantly, S&T are themselves getting modified through the interaction with the historical, cultural and philosophical worldviews of the non-western cultures and this is creating new spaces for the interpretation and application of S&T. This series aims to take into account these perspectives and set right this global imbalance by promoting monographs and edited volumes which analyse S&T from multicultural and comparative perspectives."--Series page.
Authorized Access Point
Sarukkai, Sundar, Science and technology studies (Series)
Authorized Access Point Variant
Sarukkai, Sundar, Sci. technol. stud. (Ser., Print)
Sarukkai, Sundar, Science and technology studies (Series. Print)
Taylor & Francis. Science and technology studies (Series)
Taylor & Francis. Sci. technol. stud. (Ser., Print)
Taylor & Francis. Science and technology studies (Series. Print)