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Language at large
Aĭkhenvalʹd, A. I︠U︡. (Aleksandra I︠U︡rʹevna), author.
Dixon, Robert M. W., 1939- author.
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DDC: 415 full
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Lccn: 2011018141
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Table Of Contents
Part A. Topics in Linguistic Typology. 1. Versatile Cases / Alexandra Y. Aikenvald
2. A Typology of Argument-Determined Constructions / R. M. W. Dixon and Alexandra Y. Aikenvald
3. Causatives which do not Cause: Non-Valency-Increasing Effects of a Valency-Increasing Derivation / Alexandra Y. Aikenvald
4. Non-Ergative Associations between S and O / Alexandra Y. Aikenvald and R. M. W. Dixon
5. Dependencies between Grammatical Systems / Alexandra Y. Aikenvald and R. M. W. Dixon
6. The Semantic Basis for a Typology / R. M. W. Dixon
7. Word-Class-Changing Derivations in Typological Perspective / Alexandra Y. Aikenvald
8. Speech Reports: A Cross-Linguistic Perspective / Alexandra Y. Aikenvald
9. Semi-Direct Speech in Typological Perspective / Alexandra Y. Aikenvald
Part B: Explaining Language. 10. Naive Linguistic Explanation / R. M. W. Dixon
11. Multiple Marking of Syntactic Function and Polysynthetic Nouns in Tariana / Alexandra Y. Aikenvald
12. Palikur and the Typology of Classifiers / Alexandra Y. Aikenvald and Diana Green
13. Zero and Nothing in Jarawara
R. M. W. Dixon
Part C: English Grammar and Lexicology. 14. Pronouns with Transferred Reference / R. M. W. Dixon
15. Comparative Constructions in English / R. M. W. Dixon
16. Features of the Noun Phrase in English / R. M. W. Dixon
17. Twice and Constituency / R. M. W. Dixon 18. Australian Aboriginal Word in Dictionaries / R. M. W. Dixon.
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Aĭkhenvalʹd, A. I︠U︡. (Aleksandra I︠U︡rʹevna), Language at large
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Dixon, Robert M. W., 1939- Language at large