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Piano music
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Lccn: 89755003
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Polonaise Nr. 6 As-Dur, op. 53 : Heroische (Eugen d'Albert)
Prélude Nr. 15 Des-Dur, op. 28, 15 : Regentropfen-Prélude (Ferruccio Busoni)
Walzer Nr. 11 Ges-Dur, op. 70, 1 (Fannie Bloomfield-Zeisler)
Etüde Nr. 3 E-Dur, op. 10, 3 : Tristesse (Ignace Jan Paderewski)
Berceuse Des-Dur, op. 57 (Alfred Reisenauer)
Nocturne Nr. 8 Des-Dur, op. 27, 2 (Emil von Sauer)
Nocturne Nr. 12 G-Dur, op. 37, 2 (Ignace Jan Paderewski)
Nocturne Nr. 13 c-Moll, op. 48, 1 (Teresa Carreño)
Nocturne Nr. 5, Fis-Dur, op. 15, 2 (Stéphane Raoul Pugno)
Date: 1969-11-XX/1970-05-XX Place: 6094 D7 lcc-g
Recorded from player piano rolls in Nov. 1969 and May 1970, in the VEB-Studio Lukaskirche, Dresden.
Authorized Access Point
Chopin, Frédéric, 1810-1849. Piano music. Selections
Authorized Access Point Variant
Albert, Eugen d', 1864-1932. Piano music. Selections
Busoni, Ferruccio, 1866-1924. Piano music. Selections
Bloomfield-Zeisler, Fannie, 1863-1927. Piano music. Selections
Paderewski, Ignace Jan, 1860-1941. Piano music. Selections
Reisenauer, Alfred, 1863-1907. Piano music. Selections
Sauer, Emil von, 1862-1942. Piano music. Selections
Carreño, Teresa, 1853-1917. Piano music. Selections
Pugno, Raoul, 1852-1914. Piano music. Selections