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Henry A. Willard II collection
Mixed Material
Adams, John, 1735-1826.
Adams, Samuel, 1722-1803.
Bartlett, Josiah, 1729-1795.
Boudinot, Elias, 1740-1821.
Braxton, Carter, 1736-1797.
Carroll, Charles, 1737-1832.
Chase, Samuel, 1741-1811.
Clinton, DeWitt, 1769-1828.
Clinton, George, 1739-1812.
Clymer, George, 1739-1813.
Custis, George Washington Parke, 1781-1857.
Ellery, William, 1727-1820.
Floyd, William, 1734-1821.
Franklin, Benjamin, 1706-1790.
Gerry, Elbridge, 1744-1814.
Griffin, Cyrus, 1748-1810.
Gwinnett, Button, approximately 1735-1777.
Hale, Nathan, 1755-1776.
Hall, Lyman, 1724-1790.
Hancock, John, 1737-1793.
Harrison, Benjamin, approximately 1726-1791.
Hart, John, 1711?-1779.
Hewes, Joseph, 1730-1779.
Heyward, Thomas, 1746-1809.
Hooper, William, 1742-1790.
Hopkins, Stephen, 1707-1785.
Hopkinson, Francis, 1737-1791.
Hull, Isaac, 1773-1843.
Huntington, Samuel, 1731-1796.
Jay, John, 1745-1829.
Jefferson, Thomas, 1743-1826.
Laurens, Henry, 1724-1792.
Lee, Francis Lightfoot, 1734-1797.
Lee, Richard Henry, 1732-1794.
Lewis, Francis, 1713-1803.
Livingston, Philip, 1716-1778.
Lynch, Thomas, 1749-1779.
Madison, James, 1751-1836.
Mallory, Francis, 1807-1860.
Matthews, William, 1755-1807 or 1808.
McKean, Thomas, 1734-1817.
Middleton, Arthur, 1742-1787.
Mifflin, Thomas, 1744-1800.
Monroe, James, 1758-1831.
Morris, Lewis, 1726-1798.
Morris, Robert, 1734-1806.
Morris, Robert H. (Robert Hunter), 1802-1855.
Morton, John, approximately 1724-1777.
Nelson, Thomas, 1738-1789.
Otis, Samuel Allyne, 1740-1814.
Paca, William, 1740-1799.
Paine, Robert Treat, 1731-1814.
Penn, John, 1740 or 1741-1788.
Pickens, F. W. (Francis Wilkinson), 1805-1869.
Poindexter, George, 1779-1853.
Porter, David Rittenhouse, 1788-1867.
Randolph, Peyton, 1721-1775.
Read, George, 1733-1798.
Rodney, Caesar, 1728-1784.
Ross, George, 1730-1779.
Ross, George, 1752-1832.
Rush, Benjamin, 1746-1813.
Rutledge, Edward, 1749-1800.
St. Clair, Arthur, 1734-1818.
Sherman, Roger, 1721-1793.
Smith, James, approximately 1719-1806.
Stockton, Richard, 1730-1781.
Stone, John Hoskin, 1743-1804.
Stone, Thomas, 1743-1787.
Taylor, George, 1716-1781.
Thomson, Charles, 1729-1824.
Thornton, Matthew, 1714?-1803.
Walton, George, 1749 or 1750-1804.
Whipple, William, 1730-1785.
Williams, William, 1731-1811.
Wilson, James, 1742-1798.
Witherspoon, John, 1723-1794.
Wolcott, Oliver, 1760-1833.
Wythe, George, 1726-1806.
Bradley family.
Willard family.
United States. Continental Congress.
United States. Declaration of Independence--Signers.
Gales and Seaton.
Willard Hotel (Washington, D.C.)
National intelligencer (Washington, D.C. : 1810)
American newspapers--Washington (D.C.)
Business records--Vermont--Westminster.
Business records--Washington (D.C.)
Hotels--Washington (D.C.)
Practice of law--Vermont.
United States--History--Revolution, 1775-1783.
United States--Politics and government--To 1775.
United States--Politics and government--1775-1783.
United States--Politics and government--1783-1809.
United States--Politics and government--19th century.
Vermont--Politics and government.
Washington (D.C.)--Commerce.
Westminster (Vt.)--Commerce.
Collection material in English
Identified By
Lccn: mm78013573
Series I, chiefly 1820-1840, the Bradley-Willard family papers consists primarily of financial records concerning business dealings in Westminster, Vt., and Washington, D.C. Family correspondents include Stephen Row Bradley, Revolutionary War officer and U.S. representative from Vermont; his son, William Czar Bradley, lawyer and U.S. representative from Vermont; and William's father-in-law, Mark Richards, merchant and U.S. representative from Vermont.
Series II, chiefly 1820-1840, the Henry A. Willard I autograph collection contains circa 200 letters and documents. Includes twenty-one letters of the Bradley-Willard family, the Willard Hotel (Washington, D.C.), and Gales & Seaton, publishers of the National Intelligencer. Prominent 18th and 19th century political figures represented in the collection include DeWitt Clinton, Nathan Hale, Isaac Hull, James Madison, Francis Mallory, James Monroe, Robert Hunter Morris, Samuel Allyne Otis, John Penn, F. W. Pickens, George Poindexter, David Rittenhouse Porter, and Benjamin Rush.
Series III, chiefly 1770-1800, consists of the Henry A. Willard I autograph collection of signers of the Declaration of Independence, presidents of the Continental Congress, and related individuals. Persons represented include John Adams, Samuel Adams, Josiah Bartlett, Elias Boudinot, Carter Braxton, Charles Carroll of Carrollton, Samuel Chase, George Clinton, George Clymer, George Washington Parke Custis, William Ellery, William Floyd, Benjamin Franklin, Elbridge Gerry, Cyrus Griffin, Button Gwinnett, Lyman Hall, John Hancock, Benjamin Harrison, John Hart, Joseph Hewes, Thomas Heyward, William Hooper, Stephen Hopkins, Francis Hopkinson, Samuel Huntington, John Jay, Thomas Jefferson, Henry Laurens, Francis Lightfoot Lee, Richard Henry Lee, Francis Lewis, Philip Livingston, Thomas Lynch, Thomas McKean, William Matthews, Arthur Middleton, Thomas Mifflin, Lewis Morris, Robert H. Morris, John Morton, Thomas Nelson, William Paca, Robert Treat Paine, John Penn, Peyton Randolph, George Read, Caesar Rodney, George Ross (1730-1779), George Ross (1752-1832), Benjamin Rush, Edward Rutledge, Arthur St. Clair, Roger Sherman, James Smith, Richard Stockton, John Hoskin Stone, Thomas Stone, George Taylor, Charles Thomson, Matthew Thornton, George Walton, William Whipple, William Williams, James Wilson, John Witherspoon, Oliver Wolcott, and George Wythe.
Authorized Access Point
Willard, Henry A. (Henry Augustus), 1902-2002. Henry A. Willard II collection, 1743-1888 (bulk 1770-1840)