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Physical and chemical essays Physical and chemical essays.
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LCC: QD27 .B5 1788 (Source: dlc)
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I. I. Of the aerial acid. II. Of the analysis of waters. III. On the waters of Upsal. IV. On the acidulous spring in the parish of Denmark. V. Of sea-water. VI. Of the artificial preparation of cold medicated waters. VII. Of the artificial preparation of hot medicated waters. VIII. Of the acid of sugar. IX. Of the preparation of alum. X. Of antimoniated tartar. XI. Of magnesia.
II. XII. Of the forms of crystals, particularly those of the spathaceous kind. XIII. Of siliceous earth. XIV. Of the hydrophanous stone. XV. Of the earth of gems. XVI. The earth of the turmalin stone. XVII. Of the fulminating calx of gold. XVIII. Of platina. XIX. Of the white ores of iron. XX. Of nickel. XXI. Of arsenic. XXII. Of the ores of zinc. XXIII. Of metallic precipitates. XXIV. Of the art of assaying in the humid way. XXV. Of the blow-pipe; and its use in the examination of bodies, particularly minerals.
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Bergman, Torbern, 1735-1784. Physical and chemical essays
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Cullen, Edmund, Physical and chemical essays
Beddoes, Thomas, 1760-1808. Physical and chemical essays