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  Label Vocabulary Concept Subdivision Identifier
21. Scholz, Jackson Volney Base Burglar BIBFRAME Works
Work 10266481
22. Fay, C. R. (Charles Ryle), 1884- world of Adam Smith BIBFRAME Works
Work 9368112
23. Visser, A. D. Elsevier's dictionary of soil mechanics in four languages: BIBFRAME Works
Work 10334275
24. Balán, Jorge, 1940- Migración, estructura ocupacional y movilidad social : BIBFRAME Works
Work 3646359
Browning, Harley L., Migración, estructura ocupacional y movilidad social : ; Jelin, Elizabeth, 1941- Migración, estructura ocupacional y movilidad social :
25. United States. Congress. House. Committee on Armed Services. Special Subcommittee to Probe Disturbances on Military Bases. Inquiry into the reported conditions in the brig, Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton, Calif. BIBFRAME Works
Work 1269586
26. Scott, James Brown, 1866-1943. Official statements of war aims and peace proposals, December 1916 to November 1918 BIBFRAME Works
Work 9658686
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Division of International Law. Official statements of war aims and peace proposals, December 1916 to November 1918
27. Aldred, Thomas, 1866- Sequel stories, BIBFRAME Works
Work 9211217
Parker, Walter H. Sequel stories,
28. Lid, R. W (Richard Wald), 1928- Plays, classic & contemporary, BIBFRAME Works
Work 8480199
Bernd, Daniel Walter, 1922- Plays, classic & contemporary,
29. Bergin, Thomas Goddard, 1904- Giovanni Verga, BIBFRAME Works
Work 7346719
30. Bourget, Paul, 1852-1935. weight of the name, BIBFRAME Works
Work 10088974
Ives, George Burnham, 1856-1930, weight of the name,
31. Chapman, Olive Murray. Across Lapland with sledge and reindeer, BIBFRAME Works
Work 6413275
32. Holroyd, Stuart. Emergence from chaos BIBFRAME Works
Work 7937681
33. Sodeur, Wolfgang. Wirkungen des Führungsverhaltens in kleinen Formalgruppen BIBFRAME Works
Work 6173010
34. Asher, Robert E., 1910- Foreign aid: the postwar record and targets for the 1970's, BIBFRAME Works
Work 4101308
35. Hofrichter, Zdenko. Armenische Teppiche BIBFRAME Works
Work 9917155
36. Brøndsted, Johannes, 1890-1965. Vikings BIBFRAME Works
Work 10300261
37. Anderson, L. A. Hunting, fishing, and camping, BIBFRAME Works
Work 6463584
38. Rice, Craig, 1908-1957. My kingdom for a hearse BIBFRAME Works
Work 6531378
39. Germann, A. C. Police personnel management BIBFRAME Works
Work 7469600
40. Horrocks, Sidney. State as publisher BIBFRAME Works
Work 6975859

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