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61. Tallack, William, 1831-1908. Peter Bedford, the Spitalfields philanthropist BIBFRAME Works
Work 6907692
62. Harfouche, Jamal Karam, 1914- Feeding practices and weaning patterns of Lebanese infants BIBFRAME Works
Work 6594855
63. Greene, Mark Richard, 1923- Risk and insurance BIBFRAME Works
Work 7970390
64. Longwell, Dennis LC Name Authority File (LCNAF)
Personal Name n78041264
65. Rodrigues, Nelson. casamento BIBFRAME Works
Work 9882070
66. Arthur D. Little, Inc. Tourism in Tanzania BIBFRAME Works
Work 364827
Tanzania Tourist Corporation. Tourism in Tanzania
67. Lamb, Horace, Sir, 1849-1934. Hydrodynamics, BIBFRAME Works
Work 8278719
68. Fisher, Vardis, 1895-1968. Dark Bridwell, BIBFRAME Works
Work 7345275
69. De la Mare, Walter, 1873-1956 Private view BIBFRAME Works
Work 6507405
70. Mary Angela, Sister, S. M. Sown in granite BIBFRAME Works
Work 7049665
71. Investment Bankers Association of America. Education Committee. stock exchange business, BIBFRAME Works
Work 9189161
Association of Stock Exchange Firms. stock exchange business, ; Huebner, S. S. (Solomon Stephen), 1882-1964. stock exchange business,
72. MacDonagh, Michael, 1862-1946. English king BIBFRAME Works
Work 10149209
73. Howells, William Dean, 1837-1920. Annie Kilburn, BIBFRAME Works
Work 10084542
74. Roper, R. S. Donnison (Roper Stote Donnison), 1771-1823? treatise on the law of legacies BIBFRAME Works
Work 8709659
White, Henry Hopley, 1790-1876, treatise on the law of legacies
75. Ely, Roland T., 1924- Cuando reinaba su majestad el azúcar BIBFRAME Works
Work 6113233
76. Spilimbergo, J. E. Diego Rivera y el arte en la revolución mejicana BIBFRAME Works
Work 7463378
77. Ackern, Karl-Dieter van. Bulat Okudžava und die kritische Literatur über den Krieg BIBFRAME Works
Work 1329702
78. Harte, Bret, 1836-1902. Clarence BIBFRAME Works
Work 8765004
79. De Vries, Peter, 1910-1993. blood of the lamb BIBFRAME Works
Work 9375058
80. ASTM Committee D-14 on Adhesives. Durability of adhesive joints BIBFRAME Works
Work 7066079

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