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  Label Vocabulary Concept Subdivision Identifier
1. Closson Press. complete directory of Crawford County, Pennsylvania, 1879-80 : BIBFRAME Works
Work 4524231
2. Rodríguez Albarracín, Eudoro. compromiso cristiano hoy en América Latina BIBFRAME Works
Work 2955343
3. Kupiecki, Robert. Polityka zagraniczna Polski, 1918-1994 BIBFRAME Works
Work 3047007
Szczepanik, Krzysztof. Polityka zagraniczna Polski, 1918-1994
4. Vanderbilt Television News Archive Collection (Library of Congress) ABC news. 1998-09-15. Evening BIBFRAME Works
Work 11724422
5. Maitland, William J. Beginning weight training for young athletes BIBFRAME Works
Work 3891914
6. Western Australia. Dept. of Conservation and Land Management Facts about WA forests BIBFRAME Works
Work 11085068
7. Khyshiktuev, O. V. Konstitut︠s︡ionno-pravovoĭ status Respubliki Buri︠a︡tii︠a︡ BIBFRAME Works
Work 3565397
8. Berezin, James A. Policy environment for small and medium enterprises for Burundi BIBFRAME Works
Work 4867023
United States. Agency for International Development. Policy environment for small and medium enterprises for Burundi ; International Science and Technology Institute. Policy environment for small and medium enterprises for Burundi
9. Schriftenreihe der Arbeitsgemeinschaften des Deutschen Anwaltvereins LC Name Authority File (LCNAF)
Title n90664600
Deutscher Anwaltverein. Schriftenreihe der Arbeitsgemeinschaften des Deutschen Anwaltvereins
10. İnönü, İsmet, 1884-1973. Televizyona anlattıklarım BIBFRAME Works
Work 2558044
Kal, Nazmi. Televizyona anlattıklarım
11. Odahl, Charles M. (Charles Matson), 1944- Early Christian Latin literature : BIBFRAME Works
Work 3494615
12. Kenya. Horticultural Crops Development Authority LC Name Authority File (LCNAF)
Corporate Name n94900835
Horticultural Crops Development Authority (Kenya) ; HCDA
13. "N.B.R." directory and year book BIBFRAME Works
Work 10990416
14. Ferrari, Luc. Presque rien, no. 2 BIBFRAME Works
Work 5581893
15. Sylvester, Edward J. healing blade : BIBFRAME Works
Work 4870150
16. Fernández de Moratín, Nicolás, 1737-1780. Arte de putear BIBFRAME Works
Work 4003932
Colón Calderón, Isabel. Arte de putear ; Garrote Bernal, Gaspar. Arte de putear
17. Simonds, Calvin. Private lives of garden birds : BIBFRAME Works
Work 580919
18. Rob Agerbeek Trio. Miss Dee BIBFRAME Works
Work 5719132
19. Coca-Cola Company Collection (Library of Congress) Extraordinary adventures of the mouse and his child BIBFRAME Works
Work 11617697
20. Schulpen, Lau. same difference : BIBFRAME Works
Work 3097316

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