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  Label Vocabulary Concept Subdivision Identifier
81. Modjeska, Helena, 1840-1909. Helena Modjeska correspondence, 1884 BIBFRAME Works
Work 5803221
82. Bourget, Paul, 1852-1935. weight of the name, BIBFRAME Works
Work 10088974
Ives, George Burnham, 1856-1930, weight of the name,
83. Borden, Leigh. Legend of the Bluegrass BIBFRAME Works
Work 3181405
84. Shepard, Mary. Vegetable soup activities BIBFRAME Works
Work 2689315
Shepard, Ray Anthony, Vegetable soup activities
85. Chapman, Olive Murray. Across Lapland with sledge and reindeer, BIBFRAME Works
Work 6413275
86. National Governors' Association. Understanding the fiscal condition of the States BIBFRAME Works
Work 2757109
87. Maier, Hans, 1931- Aktuelle Tendenzen der politischen Sprache BIBFRAME Works
Work 4104296
88. Abel, Wilhelm, 1904- Agrarpolitik BIBFRAME Works
Work 9776789
89. Anderson, Howard (Howard Peter), familiar letter in the eighteenth century BIBFRAME Works
Work 8938919
Daghlian, Philip B., familiar letter in the eighteenth century ; Ehrenpreis, Irvin, 1920-1985, familiar letter in the eighteenth century
90. Grassi, Liliana. Medioevo rinascimento manierismo barocco BIBFRAME Works
Work 2692442
91. Clark, Sydney, 1890-1975. All the best in Austria, BIBFRAME Works
Work 787750
92. Parker, Stanley Robert. sociology of leisure BIBFRAME Works
Work 2239798
93. Evans, Edward, -1901. Historical and bibliographical account of almanacks, directories, etc., etc. published in Ireland from the sixteenth century : BIBFRAME Works
Work 2760236
94. Lucioli, Reginaldo. piante parlano : BIBFRAME Works
Work 855544
95. Holroyd, Stuart. Emergence from chaos BIBFRAME Works
Work 7937681
96. Sodeur, Wolfgang. Wirkungen des Führungsverhaltens in kleinen Formalgruppen BIBFRAME Works
Work 6173010
97. Asher, Robert E., 1910- Foreign aid: the postwar record and targets for the 1970's, BIBFRAME Works
Work 4101308
98. Walldorf, Hazel. Clemens Brentano BIBFRAME Works
Work 3609218
99. Myles, George A. Water based recreation in Nevada: western desert & northern lakes BIBFRAME Works
Work 1700665
University of Nevada. Center for Water Resources Research. Water based recreation in Nevada: western desert & northern lakes
100. United States. General Accounting Office. What assurance does Office of Education's eligibility process provide? : BIBFRAME Works
Work 2295143

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