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  Label Vocabulary Concept Subdivision Identifier
1. Muḥammad Dhākir
Corporate Name bafa42c52fbe87a9dde508e600ed303a
2. DeMille Pictures Corp
Corporate Name ba4730193b9812e593fb9f3d2cb5a71d
3. Uncommon Productions and Rat House Records
Corporate Name cbc1d32ef458fa00b477f40009b1fa59
4. S.C. Jennings & Sons, Ltd., Printers
Corporate Name 9ccd832d238df76d357375749959b60b
5. Printed by Red Sun Press
Corporate Name b072c1f020b8c34c6983403e4e0bd6c5
Corporate Name c8d681f66ad0bd4a43b3f2daea3553c4
7. Monte Avila Editores Latinoamericana
Corporate Name 2260fcc60aef95bfc0d5b2d00e2a5d5a
Monte Avila Editores Latinoamericana ; Monte Avila EditoresLatinoamericana
8. Imitech
Corporate Name 26bfd0fc34f631eb78010004749aed9d
9. Jiang Longyu
Corporate Name c810276cb21152fbf1ec7cdf523e4c7f
10. Peerless Productions
Corporate Name 438f0468d5f445948d48fddca55b1dcc
11. Rī Mraṅʻʹ Rupʻ rhaṅʻ Thutʻ lupʻ reʺ
Corporate Name 8f93e4cf7aa3702cff1047cfd44fd078
12. A.T. Perkins
Corporate Name 05c75ffbabb93136ab3e480ccbff56e3
13. Soc. per Az. "La Tribuna"
Corporate Name 11a2a19e938e45502ac99694d4d3cb1e
14. Just Notes
Corporate Name 4669fd8ae00ad9632648cb71b0346750
15. Production, Ostracon Publishing Services
Corporate Name e94db7b0f06ce3176615a707bcaba0be
16. Universitaetsverlag Winter
Corporate Name 792e10b41966e4d663a3601fb3d0a52a
Universitaetsverlag Winter
17. Du wo shu wo
Corporate Name bc5691059042f8d5b267b5b98dd93bca
18. Vistaprojects Corp
Corporate Name 6b303a15f576be12e2f3a7d691be6720
19. Eden Press (R. J. Skinner Ltd.)
Corporate Name 7d8d502110cf98934c89f1e1172906ec
20. The Lower Depths
Corporate Name 7e6e1c36dcba978b7a94df11c830de97

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