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101. Mulder, William. Studies in American literature : BIBFRAME Works
Work 3182316
Jagdish Chander. Studies in American literature : ; Pradhan, Narindar S. Studies in American literature :
102. Klášterní knihovna (Vyšší Brod) LC Name Authority File (LCNAF)
Corporate Name n79069037
Couvent de Vyšší Brod ; Klášter ve Vyšším Brodě.
103. Lihou. avare : BIBFRAME Works
Work 856455
104. John Bartholomew and Son. India, Pakistan, Ceylon BIBFRAME Works
Work 5401936
105. Goldman, Pierre, 1944- Souvenirs obscurs d'un juif polonais né en France. English BIBFRAME Works
Work 819314
106. World and its peoples: Africa, South and West BIBFRAME Works
Work 1697378
107. Nasenko, I︠U︡. P. (I︠U︡riĭ Petrovich) 1916- Dzhavakharlal Neru i vneshni︠a︡i︠a︡ politika Indii. English BIBFRAME Works
Work 2262040
108. Rand Corporation. Selected research publications in cognitive science BIBFRAME Works
Work 869623
109. France. Comité d'étude pour la réforme de l'entreprise. Rapport BIBFRAME Works
Work 365738
Sudreau, Pierre. Rapport
110. Automobile Club of Southern California. San Diego area BIBFRAME Works
Work 5431518
California State Automobile Association. San Diego area
111. Rudnitzki, Gerhard, 1937- Ethnomedizin : BIBFRAME Works
Work 3693147
Schiefenhövel, Wulf, 1943- Ethnomedizin : ; Schröder, Ekkehard. Ethnomedizin :
112. Arbeitsgruppe Museumspädagogik. Aus der museumspädagogischen Forschung in der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik BIBFRAME Works
Work 4134670
113. Wood, Michael, 1936- Stendhal BIBFRAME Works
Work 1727912
114. Anderson, Sherwood, 1876-1941. Perhaps women BIBFRAME Works
Work 2236277
115. Schweers, Hans. Borkumer Dünenexpress : BIBFRAME Works
Work 3710513
Arbeitskreis für Kleinbahngeschichte. Borkumer Dünenexpress :
116. Automobile Club of Southern California. Lancaster-Palmdale and vicinity BIBFRAME Works
Work 5447674
117. Strömberg, Ragnar, 1950- Utan önskningar BIBFRAME Works
Work 1282360
118. Dwoskin, Philip B. (Philip Ben), 1918- Foreign and domestic prospects for the U.S. fast food franchise industry BIBFRAME Works
Work 3206489
119. Cranmer-Byng, L. (Launcelot), 1872-1945. lute of jade : BIBFRAME Works
Work 4612931
120. Bessis, J. V. bêtise monétaire BIBFRAME Works
Work 809846

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