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  Label Vocabulary Concept Subdivision Identifier
21. Radio plays, Sinhalese LC Subject Headings (LCSH)
Topic sh85110551
Sinhalese radio plays
22. Government and the press LC Subject Headings (LCSH)
Topic sh85056044
Press--Government policy ; Press and government ; Press policy ; State and the press
23. Broad jump LC Subject Headings (LCSH)
Topic sh85016994
Long jump
24. Bow and arrow on postage stamps LC Subject Headings (LCSH)
Topic sh2011002289
25. lunar calendars AFS Ethnographic Thesaurus
Topic afset010847
moon calendars
26. Bridle shiner LC Subject Headings (LCSH)
Topic sh2006002551
Hybopsis bifrenatus ; Notropis bifrenatus ; Notropis kendalli ; Shiner, Bridle
27. ethnological photographs AFS Ethnographic Thesaurus
Topic afset006276
ethnological photographs
28. Dömbra (Two-stringed lute) music LC Subject Headings (LCSH)
Topic sh85039017
Dömbra music
29. Tomtit LC Subject Headings (LCSH)
Topic sh2011005989
Miromiro ; New Zealand tit ; New Zealand tomtit ; Ngiru-ngiru ; Ngirungiru ; Petroica macrocephala ; Pied tit ; Tit, New Zealand ; Tit, Pied
30. reality AFS Ethnographic Thesaurus
Topic afset015012
31. kerosene wick lamps AFS Ethnographic Thesaurus
Topic afset009976
32. Narrative poetry, Assamese LC Subject Headings (LCSH)
Topic sh2011001557
Assamese narrative poetry
33. Suites (Bassoon, clarinet, flute, oboe, violins (2), viola, cello) LC Subject Headings (LCSH)
Topic sh85129794
Suites (Bassoon, clarinet, flute, oboe, violins (2), viola, violoncello)
34. dreams AFS Ethnographic Thesaurus
Topic afset005544
35. Epic literature, Southern Slavic LC Subject Headings (LCSH)
Topic sh2010014318
Southern Slavic epic literature
36. Industries, Primitive LC Subject Headings (LCSH)
Topic sh85065958
Primitive technology ; Technology, Primitive
37. Cooking (Bacon) LC Subject Headings (LCSH)
Topic sh85031944
Bacon--Use in cooking ; Cooking with bacon ; Cookery (Bacon)
38. Holocaust and Jewish law LC Subject Headings (LCSH)
Topic sh85061526
Jewish law and the Holocaust
39. political participation AFS Ethnographic Thesaurus
Topic afset021226
citizen participation ; political behavior
40. mobile phones AFS Ethnographic Thesaurus
Topic afset011758
mobile phones

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