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  Label Vocabulary Concept Subdivision Identifier
1. ISSN Canada
Authority c
2. SCIPIO: Art and Rare Book Sales Catalogs
Authority scipio
3. ISSN Canada
Authority isdsc
4. Library and Archives Canada derived cataloging
Authority lacderived
5. National Bibliography Resource
Authority nbr
6. Croatian National Bibliography
Authority croatica
7. Georgia Archives and Manuscripts Automated Access Project
Authority gamma
8. CONSER full authority application
Authority lcd
9. LC Nitrate Film
Authority lcnitrate
10. New Zealand National Bibliography
Authority nznb
11. xnsdp
Authority xnsdp
12. Program for Cooperative Cataloging
Authority pcc
13. National Library of Medicine Copy Cataloging
Authority nlmcopyc
14. GND authenticated by a local curation team
Authority gnd2
15. LC PreMARC Retrospective Conversion Project
Authority premarc
16. LC Handbook of Latin American Studies
Authority lchlas
17. GND authenticated by untrained users
Authority gnd4
18. National Union Catalog
Authority lcnuc
19. GND legacy data, not authenticated
Authority gnd6
20. LC National Coordinated Cataloging Program
Authority lcnccp

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