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  Label Vocabulary Concept Type Subdivision Type Identifier
1541. Ford Motor Company Strike, Windsor, Ont., 1943 LC Subject Headings
Topic sh85050471
1542. De Lorean Motor Company LC Name Authority File
Corporate Name n82015839
1543. Postal motor vehicle operators LC Subject Headings
Topic sh85105495
1544. Nevada Central Motor Lines LC Name Authority File
Corporate Name n2010065503
1545. Delaware Motor Club LC Name Authority File
Corporate Name n81097149
1546. Motor fuels LC Subject Headings
Topic sh85087580
Automotive fuels
1547. Standard Motor Products Inc. LC Name Authority File
Corporate Name n2001002455
1548. Commercial vehicles LC Subject Headings
Topic sh85028964
Commercial motor vehicles
1549. Neuromuscular transmission LC Subject Headings
Topic sh85091151
Motoneuron transmission ; Motor neuron transmission
1550. Traffic violations LC Subject Headings
Topic sh85136782
Traffic crimes ; Traffic offenses ; Violation of motor vehicle traffic laws
1551. Buses LC Subject Headings
Topic sh85018245
Jitney buses ; Motorcoaches ; Omnibuses (Motor buses)
1552. Automotive journalists LC Subject Headings
Topic sh2001004317
Motoring journalists
1553. Tanks (Military science) LC Subject Headings
Topic sh85132315
Motor vehicles in war
1554. BMW automobiles LC Subject Headings
Topic sh85015127
Bavarian Motor Works automobiles ; Bayerische Motoren Werke automobiles
1555. Oral habits LC Subject Headings
Topic sh85095236
Mouth habits ; Oral motor behavior
1556. Lubricating oils LC Subject Headings
Topic sh85078716
Motor oils ; Oils, Lubricating
1557. Amphibious vehicles Thesaurus for Graphic Materials
Topic tgm000298
Amphibious aircraft ; Amphibious automobiles ; Motor vehicles, Amphibious
1558. Motor bus travel Thesaurus for Graphic Materials
Topic tgm006807
1559. Motor vehicles, Amphibious Thesaurus for Graphic Materials
Topic tgm006811
1560. Afferent pathways LC Subject Headings
Topic sh85001496
Ascending tracts ; Pathways, Afferent ; Sensory motor system ; Sensory tracts