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  Label Vocabulary Concept Type Subdivision Type Identifier
1561. Afferent pathways LC Subject Headings
Topic sh85001496
Ascending tracts ; Pathways, Afferent ; Sensory motor system ; Sensory tracts
1562. Automotive journalism LC Subject Headings
Topic sh85070757
Motoring journalism
1563. Hyperkinesia LC Subject Headings
Topic sh85063703
Hyperactivity, Motor ; Hypercinesia ; Hyperkinesis ; Overactivity
1564. Movement disorders LC Subject Headings
Topic sh85088017
Dyskinesia ; Dyskinesias ; Motor disorders
1565. Motor lodges Thesaurus for Graphic Materials
Topic tgm006809
1566. Dump trucks LC Subject Headings
Topic sh85039955
Dumpers (Motor trucks)
1567. Myoneural junction LC Subject Headings
Topic sh85089266
Motor end plate ; Neuromuscular end plate ; Neuromuscular junction
1568. Diesel fuels LC Subject Headings
Topic sh85037815
Diesel motor--Fuel ; Diesel oil
1569. Trucks LC Subject Headings
Topic sh85138148
Automobile trucks ; Lorries (Motor vehicles)
1570. Government vehicles LC Subject Headings
Topic sh85010429
Government automobiles ; Government cars ; Government motor vehicles ; Government-owned vehicles ; Vehicles, Government
1571. Graders (Earthmoving machinery) LC Subject Headings
Topic sh85056167
Grading machinery ; Motor graders ; Road graders
1572. Bus travel Thesaurus for Graphic Materials
Topic tgm001464
Motor bus travel
1573. Movement, Psychology of LC Subject Headings
Topic sh85088014
Motor psychology
1574. Mortimer, Wren LC Name Authority File
Personal Name n2006169440
Mortimer, Motor
1575. Torpedo-boats LC Subject Headings
Topic sh85136130
Motor torpedo boats ; PT boats
1576. Motor courts Thesaurus for Graphic Materials
Topic tgm006808
1577. Virginia. Department of Motor Vehicles. Motor Carrier Services LC Name Authority File
Corporate Name no99079997
1578. Conference on Motor Vehicles and Motor Engineering LC Name Authority File
Conference Name n85112889
1579. New Jersey. Legislature. General Assembly. Select Committee on the Division of Motor Vehicles. Subcommittee on the Privatization of the Division of Motor Vehicles LC Name Authority File
Corporate Name n88163499
1580. motor scooters AFS Ethnographic Thesaurus
Topic afset011956