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  Label Vocabulary Concept Type Subdivision Type Identifier
941. Unimog truck LC Subject Headings
Topic sh94007410
Mercedes-Benz Unimog truck ; Universal-Motor-Gerät ; Unimog (All terrain vehicle)
942. Autosleds LC Subject Headings
Topic sh85087590
Aerosleighs ; Windsleds ; Motor sledges
943. All terrain vehicles LC Subject Headings
Topic sh85003619
All-terrain cycles (Motor vehicles) ; ATVs (All terrain vehicles) ; Terrain vehicles
944. MotorCities National Heritage Area (Mich.) LC Subject Headings
Geographic sh99003111
Motor Cities National Heritage Area (Mich.) ; Automobile National Heritage Area (Mich.)
945. Transportation, Military LC Subject Headings
Topic sh85137061
Military transportation ; Motor vehicles in war
946. Alcohol ignition interlock devices LC Subject Headings
Topic sh99000882
Alcohol interlocks ; Breath alcohol ignition interlock devices ; Ignition interlock devices, Alcohol ; Interlock devices, Alcohol ignition ; Motor vehicle ignition interlocks
947. Spider Lake RMV Trails (Minn.) LC Subject Headings
Geographic sh2003004791
Spider Lake Recreational Motor Vehicle Trails (Minn.)
948. Service stations LC Subject Headings
Topic sh85010367
Automobile filling stations ; Automobile service stations ; Filling stations ; Gas stations ; Gasoline stations ; Stations, Service ; Automobiles--Service stations ; Motor vehicles--Service stations
949. M10 (Tank destroyer) LC Subject Headings
Topic sh2013003214
Gun motor carriage M10 (Tank destroyer)
950. Motorcycle workshops LC Subject Headings
Topic sh99011774
Motor cyclists' workshops ; Motorcycle repair shops ; Motorcycle shops ; Motorcyclists' shops
951. AIDS dementia complex LC Subject Headings
Topic sh93006438
ADC (Disease) ; HIV cognitive-motor complex ; HIV dementia
952. Movement sequences LC Subject Headings
Topic sh95000070
Motor sequences (Physiology) ; Sequences, Movement ; Sequential movement
953. Speed limits LC Subject Headings
Topic sh85126490
Automobiles--Speed limits ; Motor vehicles--Speed limits ; Speed enforcement ; Speed limits--Law and legislation ; Speed regulations
954. Minivans LC Subject Headings
Topic sh2003007111
MPVs (Motor vehicles) ; Multi-purpose vehicles ; Multipurpose vehicles
955. Wind-assisted ship propulsion LC Subject Headings
Topic sh90004020
Auxiliary wind propulsion for ships ; Sail-assisted ship propulsion ; Sail-motor ship propulsion
956. Active automotive suspensions LC Subject Headings
Topic sh94006321
Smart suspensions in motor vehicles
957. M18 (Tank destroyer) LC Subject Headings
Topic sh2006005077
Gun motor carriage M18 ; Hellcat (Tank destroyer)
958. Child traffic fatalities LC Subject Headings
Topic sh2007000212
Child fatalities in motor vehicle accidents
959. Sport utility vehicles LC Subject Headings
Topic sh91001837
Sport utility trucks ; SUVs (Motor vehicles)
960. CRC-Road Test Group LC Name Authority File
Corporate Name n80139514
Coordinating Research Council. Motor Vehicle Fuel, Lubricant, and Equipment Research Committee. Motor Road Test Group ; Coordinating Research Council. Road Test Group ; Coordinating Research Council. Motor Road Test Group