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  Label Vocabulary Concept Type Subdivision Type Identifier
1. Music LC Subject Headings
Topic sh85088762
Art music ; Art music, Western ; Classical music ; Musical compositions ; Musical works ; Serious music ; Western art music ; Western music (Western countries)
2. Music LC Subject Headings
GenreForm Form Subdivision sh99001795
3. Music LC Subject Headings
Topic General Subdivision sh99001945
4. Shema (Music) LC Subject Headings
Topic sh2005001926
Hear o Israel (Music) ; Hear oh Israel (Music) ; Shema Israël (Music) ; Shemaʻ Yiśraʾel (Music) ; Shema Yisroel (Music) ; Sh'ma (Music) ; Sh'ma Israël (Music) ; Sh'ma Yiśraʾel (Music) ; Sh'ma Yisroel (Music)
5. Music festival attendees LC Subject Headings
Topic sh2010008160
Attendees, Music festival ; Festival attendees, Music ; Festival-goers, Music ; Festival visitors, Music ; Festivalgoers, Music ; Music festival-goers ; Music festival visitors ; Music festivalgoers ; Visitors, Music festival
6. Music appreciation LC Subject Headings
Topic sh85088894
Analytical guides (Music) ; Appreciation of music ; Music--Analysis, appreciation ; Music--Analytical guides ; Music--Appreciation ; Musical appreciation
7. Music in the workplace LC Subject Headings
Topic sh85088921
Industrial music (Music in the workplace) ; Music and the workplace ; Workplace and music ; Music in industry
8. Composition (Music) LC Subject Headings
Topic sh85029403
Composing (Music) ; Music--Composition ; Music composing ; Music composition ; Musical composition
9. Music, Greek and Roman LC Subject Headings
Topic sh85088851
Greek music ; Music, Greek (Ancient) ; Music, Roman ; Roman music
10. Music memorizing LC Subject Headings
Topic sh85088805
Memorization of music ; Memorizing of music ; Music memorization ; Music--Memorizing
11. Embellishment (Music) LC Subject Headings
Topic sh85042675
Diminution (Music) ; Ornamentation (Music) ; Ornaments (Music)
12. Kaddish (Music) LC Subject Headings
Topic sh2006009015
Kaddisch (Music) ; Ḳadish (Music) ; Qaddish (Music)
13. Arrangement (Music) LC Subject Headings
Topic sh85007416
Adaptation (Music) ; Arranging (Music) ; Musical arranging ; Musical transcription ; Transcription (Music)
14. Basses danses (Music) LC Subject Headings
Topic sh2011000873
Basse dances (Music) ; Basse danses (Music) ; Bassedanze (Music) ; Basses dances (Music)
15. Bop (Music) LC Subject Headings
Topic sh90002669
Be-bop (Music) ; Bebop (Music) ; Bop (Music)--United States ; Rebop (Music)
16. Synthpop (Music) LC Subject Headings
Topic sh2010009077
Electronic pop (Music) ; Electropop (Music) ; Synth-pop (Music) ; Techno-pop (Music) ; Technopop (Music)
17. Italo disco (Music) LC Subject Headings
Topic sh2018000002
Italo beat (Music) ; Italo dance (Music) ; Italo house (Music) ; Italo (Music) ; Spaghetti disco (Music)
18. Mawlam (Music) LC Subject Headings
Topic sh2016000578
Lam (Music) ; Maw lam (Music) ; Maw lum (Music) ; Mhor lum (Music) ; Moh lam (Music) ; Mō̜lam (Music) ; Mor lam (Music) ; Mor lum (Music)
19. First Avenue & 7th St Entry (Music-hall) LC Subject Headings
Corporate Name sh2017003500
First Avenue and 7th St Entry (Music-hall) ; First Avenue and 7th Street Entry (Music-hall)
20. Boogaloos (Music) LC Subject Headings
Topic sh2006002027
Boo-ga-loos (Music) ; Boogalus (Music) ; Bugaloos (Music) ; Popcorn music ; Shing-a-lings (Music)