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  Label Vocabulary Concept Subdivision Identifier
1. Neumann, Richard J. Jewish folksongs BIBFRAME Works
Work 12042649
Rubin, Ruth. Jewish folksongs
2. Dameron, Tadd, 1917-1965. Tadd Dameron/Fats Navarro BIBFRAME Works
Work 5758632
Navarro, Fats, 1923-1950. Tadd Dameron/Fats Navarro
3. Kostelanetz, Andre, 1901-1980. magic of music BIBFRAME Works
Work 5710105
4. Gesner, Clark. You're a good man, Charlie Brown. Selections BIBFRAME Works
Work 12042474
Hinnant, Bill. You're a good man, Charlie Brown. Selections
5. Henderson, Fletcher, 1897-1952. Fletcher Henderson. vol. 2 BIBFRAME Works
Work 12324936
6. Franklin, C. L. (Clarence LaVaughn), 1915-1984. Going thru the roof BIBFRAME Works
Work 5715094
7. Lehmann, Lotte. Tribute to Lotte Lehmann BIBFRAME Works
Work 12042832
Balogh, Ernő, 1897-1989. Tribute to Lotte Lehmann ; Ulanowsky, Paul, 1908-1968. Tribute to Lotte Lehmann
8. Meyer, Xaver, Chorus recital BIBFRAME Works
Work 12045919
Akadamie-Kammerchor, Vienna Chorus recital
9. Cramer, Floyd, 1933-1997.. Comin' on BIBFRAME Works
Work 5744123
10. Armstrong, Louis, 1901-1971. rare batch of Satch BIBFRAME Works
Work 12324582
11. Sevareid, Eric, 1912-1992. Parting thoughts BIBFRAME Works
Work 12046476
12. McFadden, Gladys. Gospel soul BIBFRAME Works
Work 5750162
Loving Sisters. Gospel soul
13. Kugelman, Irwin Water supply of the future BIBFRAME Works
Work 12045923
American Chemical Society. Water supply of the future
14. Mann, Herbie, 1930-2003. Gagaku & beyond BIBFRAME Works
Work 5705196
15. Wink, Richard L. Invitation to listening : BIBFRAME Works
Work 12043134
Williams, Lois G. Invitation to listening :
16. Journey into stereo sound BIBFRAME Works
Work 12046834
17. Rachmaninoff, Sergei, 1873-1943. keyboard artistry of Sergei Rachmaninoff BIBFRAME Works
Work 12042402
18. Brahms, Johannes, 1833-1897. Sonatas, pianos (2), op. 34b, F minor BIBFRAME Works
Work 12043313
Hamilton, William. Sonatas, pianos (2), op. 34b, F minor ; Whelan, Tim. Sonatas, pianos (2), op. 34b, F minor
19. Horowitz, Vladimir, 1903-1989. profile of Vladimir Horowitz BIBFRAME Works
Work 12046480
20. West, Dottie, 1932-1991. Dottie sings Eddy BIBFRAME Works
Work 5771724
Arnold, Eddy, 1918-2008. Dottie sings Eddy ; Tweedy, Don. Dottie sings Eddy

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