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181. United States. Armed Forces Radio and Television Service. Protestant hour (Radio program) BIBFRAME Works
Work 12803002
AFRTS Collection (Library of Congress) Protestant hour (Radio program)
182. Messiaen, Olivier, 1908-1992. Works. Selections BIBFRAME Works
Work 15358631
Loriod, Yvonne. Works. Selections ; Muruzabal, Arturo. Works. Selections ; Loo, Martine van der. Works. Selections ; Boer, Harmen de. Works. Selections ; Prommel, Peter. Works. Selections ; Stotÿn, Ruud. Works. Selections ; Vlieger, Henk de. Works. Selections ; Gijsegem, Ludwig van. Works. Selection...
183. Sinsheimer, Robert. Science, technology, and freedom BIBFRAME Works
Work 5580548
Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions. Science, technology, and freedom
184. Adventures (Musical group). Trading secrets with the moon BIBFRAME Works
Work 5653120
185. Ese que va por ahi BIBFRAME Works
Work 14692419
186. Ruaḥ, Yitsḥaḳ. Shir ha-shirim BIBFRAME Works
Work 18120769
187. Insense (Musical group) Burn in beautiful fire BIBFRAME Works
Work 17853507
Valvatne, Elin. Burn in beautiful fire ; Näsbom, Torbjörn. Burn in beautiful fire
188. Tippett, Michael, 1905-1998. Orchestra music. Selections BIBFRAME Works
Work 14543290
Robinson, Faye. Orchestra music. Selections ; Hickox, Richard, 1948-2008. Orchestra music. Selections ; Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. Orchestra music. Selections
189. Buroker, Judy. Folk trails BIBFRAME Works
Work 5715878
Chimenti, Suzanne. Folk trails ; Olivier, Dianne. Folk trails
190. Boyd, Malcolm, 1923-2015. [Rev. Malcolm Boyd and Charlie Byrd performance] BIBFRAME Works
Work 5614189
Byrd, Charlie, 1925-1999. [Rev. Malcolm Boyd and Charlie Byrd performance] ; Voice of America Music Library Collection (Library of Congress) [Rev. Malcolm Boyd and Charlie Byrd performance]
191. Tigres del Norte (Musical group) Serie de coleccion BIBFRAME Works
Work 12678792
192. Hamilton, George, IV, 1937-2014. Early morning rain BIBFRAME Works
Work 5771223
193. Kapayapaan BIBFRAME Works
Work 14759955
194. Li︠a︡punov, S. M. (Sergeĭ Mikhaĭlovich), 1859-1924. Piano music. Selections BIBFRAME Works
Work 14019864
Kolly, Karl-Andreas. Piano music. Selections
195. young and the restless. In the clouds BIBFRAME Works
Work 20387832
196. Glasotronik (Musical group) Fragile Klänge BIBFRAME Works
Work 17577299
Rieger, Albrecht. Fragile Klänge
197. Keystone Symphonic String Orchestra. Keystone Symphonic String Orchestra. KBS 73-74 BIBFRAME Works
Work 12675804
198. Tu ritmo BIBFRAME Works
Work 11911843
199. Binchois Consort. Mass for St. Anthony Abbot BIBFRAME Works
Work 14022991
Kirkman, Andrew, 1961- Mass for St. Anthony Abbot
200. Castro, Fidel, 1926-2016. Fidel Castro, junio 29, 1966, retras. junio 30 BIBFRAME Works
Work 12003507

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