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  Label Vocabulary Concept Subdivision Identifier
1. technical drawing MARC Genre Terms
Authority ted
2. International energy: subject thesaurus Subject Schemes
Authority iest
3. List of Chinese subject terms Subject Schemes
Authority lcstt
4. Arabic Subject Headings of the (ASH) = Ru'ûs al-Mawdû'ât al-'Arabîyah lil-Maktabah al-Waṭanīyah al-Lubnānīyah Subject Schemes
Authority ashlnl
5. font MARC Genre Terms
Authority fon
6. discography MARC Genre Terms
Authority dis
7. RDA font size Genre/Form Schemes
Authority rdafs
8. Eduskunnan kirjaston asiasanasto Subject Schemes
Authority eks
9. HAPI thesaurus and name authority, 1970-2000 Subject Schemes
Authority hapi
10. Daily Publication Frequencies
Authority dyl
11. Eighteenth century short title catalogue, the cataloguing rules Description Conventions
Authority estc
12. DDC retrieval and indexing terminology; posting terms with hierarchy and KWOC Subject Schemes
Authority ddcrit
13. art reproduction MARC Genre Terms
Authority arr
14. Summary or abstract Resource Components
Authority sum
15. globe MARC Genre Terms
Authority glo
16. ISSN Canada
Authority c
17. Bokbasen Subject Schemes
Authority bokbas
18. Mixed material Resource Types Scheme
Authority mix
19. Formalerschliessung nach dem Verzeichnis der Drucke des 16. Jahrhunderts (VD 16) Description Conventions
Authority vd16
20. Cataloging cultural objects: a guide to describing cultural works and their images Description Conventions
Authority cco

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