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  Label Vocabulary Concept Subdivision Identifier
81. Instruktsiia po opisaniiu slaviano-russkikh rukopisei XI-XIV vv. dlia Svodnogo kataloga rukopisei, khraniashchikhsia v SSSR” in Arkheologicheskii ezhegodnik za 1975 god. Description Conventions
Authority iosr
82. unspecified Content Types
Authority zzz
83. New Zealand National Bibliography
Authority nznb
84. Hong Kong Chinese Authority File (Name) - HKCAN Subject Schemes
Authority hkcan
85. Unspecified Resource Types Scheme
Authority unk
Undeterminable ; Unknown
86. Biennial Publication Frequencies
Authority bin
87. cartographic tactile three-dimensional form Content Types
Authority crn
88. Kaunokki: kaunokirjallisuuden asiasanasto Subject Schemes
Authority kaunokki
89. comedy MARC Genre Terms
Authority cod
90. Extended Date/Time Format - Level 2 Extended Date/Time Format (EDTF)
Authority EDTF-level2
91. Thesaurus der Bibliothek der FES / FES Subject Schemes
Authority fes
92. humor, satire MARC Genre Terms
Authority hum
93. Still Image Resource Types Scheme
Authority img
Image ; 2-dimensional nonprojected graphic ; Nonprojected graphic
94. MuzeVideo UK contributor index Subject Schemes
Authority muzvukci
95. Att indexera skönlitteratur: Ämnesordslista, vuxenlitteratur Subject Schemes
Authority skon
96. National Translations Center primary subject classification in National Translations Center primary subject classification and secondary descriptors Subject Schemes
Authority ntcpsc
97. Términos de género/forma de la Biblioteca Nacional de España Genre/Form Schemes
Authority tgfbne
98. HUMORD Subject Schemes
Authority humord
99. Solstad: emneord for Solstadbibliografien Subject Schemes
Authority solstad
100. National Translations Center secondary descriptors in National Translation Center primary subject classification and secondary descriptor Subject Schemes
Authority ntcsd

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