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  Label Vocabulary Concept Type Subdivision Type Identifier
1441. Law for laypersons LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2011026350
Law for non-professionals ; Laypersons, Legal guides for ; Laypersons, Legal works for ; Legal guides for non-professionals ; Legal works for non-professionals ; Legal guides for laypersons ; Legal works for laypersons ; Non-professionals, Law for ; Non-professionals, Legal guides for ; Non-professionals, Legal works for ; Popular works (Law)
1442. Fotonovelas LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2014026345
Novels, Photographic ; Photo comic books ; Photo novels ; Photocomics ; Photographic novels ; Photonovelas ; Photonovels
1443. Sasŏl sijo LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2014026524
Chang sijo
1444. Data tape catalogs LC Subject Headings
GenreForm Form Subdivision sh99001527
1445. Chamamé (Music) LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2014026703
1446. Methods (Ragtime) LC Subject Headings
GenreForm Form Subdivision sh2005005851
1447. Paraphrases LC Subject Headings
GenreForm Form Subdivision sh99001706
1448. Sayings LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2014026170
Adages ; Ana ; Anas ; Aphorisms ; Apophthegms ; Apothegms ; Axioms ; Bywords (Sayings) ; Chreiai ; Chriae ; Classical chreiai ; Gnomes (Sayings) ; Maxims ; Proverbial sayings ; Proverbs ; Saws (Sayings) ; Sententiae
1449. Sepolcri LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2014027081
1450. Prints LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2017027255
Artists' prints ; Fine art prints ; Fine arts prints ; Fine prints
1451. Designs and plans LC Subject Headings
GenreForm Form Subdivision sh99001531
Architectural drawings ; Architectural plans ; Plans, Architectural
1452. Pastoral letters and charges LC Subject Headings
GenreForm Form Subdivision sh99001710
1453. Polonaises (Music) LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2014027005
1454. Radio call-in shows LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2011026489
Call-in radio programs ; Call-in radio shows ; Radio call-in programs
1455. Television panel discussions LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2011026668
Discussion shows (Television programs) ; Discussion television programs ; Television discussions ; Television forums ; Television roundtables
1456. Radio crime shows LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2011026493
Crime programs, Radio ; Crime shows, Radio ; Criminal radio programs ; Gangster shows, Radio ; Police radio shows ; Radio crime programs ; Radio gangster shows ; Radio police shows
1457. Prose poems LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2014026488
Prose poetry
1458. Television program excerpts LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2011026672
Television excerpts
1459. Boleros (Music) LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2014026667
1460. Attorneys general's opinions LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2011026059
Attorney general opinions ; Attorney generals' opinions