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  Label Vocabulary Concept Type Subdivision Type Identifier
1561. Folk music LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2014026809
Ethnic music ; Traditional music
1562. Filmed stand-up comedy routines LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2011026281
1563. Debate poetry LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2014026276
Debates, Verse ; Débats ; Jeux-partis ; Poetic contests ; Streitgedichte ; Verse debates
1564. Readers LC Subject Headings
GenreForm Form Subdivision sh99001892
Chrestomathies and readers
1565. Picture Bibles LC Subject Headings
GenreForm Form Subdivision sh99001279
1566. Pornographic films LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2011026460
Adult films (Pornographic films) ; Blue movies ; Porn films ; Pornies (Pornographic films) ; Porno films ; Sex exploitation films ; Sex films (Pornographic films) ; Sexploitation films ; Skin flicks ; Stag films ; XXX films ; Gay pornographic films
1567. Nonsense verse LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2014026455
Amphigories ; Nonsense poetry ; Nonsense rhymes
1568. Animated television music LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2014026634
1569. Musical settings LC Subject Headings
GenreForm Form Subdivision sh99001637
Settings, Musical
1570. Propaganda posters LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2017026096
1571. Foxtrots (Music) LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2014026813
Fox trots (Music) ; Quicksteps (Foxtrots)
1572. Documentary films LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2011026205
Documentaries, Motion picture ; Factual films ; Motion picture documentaries
1573. Detective and mystery fiction LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2014026280
Crime fiction ; Detective fiction ; Murder mysteries ; Mystery fiction ; Private eye fiction ; Whodunits
1574. Minnesang LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2015026074
1575. Kalgi-tura LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2016026047
1576. Conversation and phrase books (for police) LC Subject Headings
GenreForm Form Subdivision sh99001462
1577. Administrative regulations LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2011026030
Administrative agency regulations ; Administrative codes ; Administrative rules (Regulations) ; Codes, Administrative ; Delegated legislation ; Instruments, Statutory ; Legislation, Subordinate ; Legislation, Subsidiary ; Quasi-legislation ; Regulations, Administrative ; Rules, Administrative (Regulations) ; Rules and orders, Statutory ; Statutory instruments ; Statutory rules and orders ; Subordinate legislation ; Subsidiary legislation
1578. Newspapers LC Subject Headings
GenreForm Form Subdivision sh99001641
1579. Tunnel books LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2014026204
Carousel books ; Peepshow books ; Peep-show books
1580. Online chat groups LC Subject Headings
GenreForm Form Subdivision sh2004010248
Chat groups, Online