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  Label Vocabulary Concept Type Subdivision Type Identifier
1661. Charts, diagrams, etc LC Subject Headings
GenreForm Form Subdivision sh99001425
Outline drawings ; Charts, tables, etc ; Charts ; Diagrams
1662. Studies and exercises (Right hand) LC Subject Headings
GenreForm Form Subdivision sh2003007724
Right hand studies
1663. Mashyakhah LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2015026041
1664. Shoegaze (Music) LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2016026014
Dreampop (Music) ; Shoegazing (Music)
1665. Penitential psalms (Music) LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2014026995
1666. Maps LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2011026387
Charts (Cartography) ; Plans (Maps)
1667. Session laws LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2011026566
Acts, Legislative session ; Laws, Session ; Legislative session acts
1668. Writs LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2011026745
1669. Studies and exercises (Popular music) LC Subject Headings
GenreForm Form Subdivision sh2005005888
1670. Maloya (Music) LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2014026919
1671. Medical radio programs LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2011026391
Doctor radio programs ; Hospital radio programs ; Nurse radio programs
1672. Interludes (Drama) LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2014026386
Dramatic interludes ; Entrameses ; Entremeses ; Entremets (Drama) ; Intermèdes ; Intermedi ; Intermezzi ; Intermezzos (Drama) ; Momeries ; Sainetes (Drama)
1673. Catechisms LC Subject Headings
GenreForm Form Subdivision sh99001389
Catechisms and creeds
1674. Short films LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2011026570
Short feature films ; Shorts (Motion pictures) ; Private Snafu films
1675. Tall tales LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2014026565
Bragging tales ; Fish stories (Tall tales) ; Lying tales ; Stories, Tall ; Tales, Bragging ; Tales, Lying ; Tales, Tall ; Tall stories ; Tall talk ; Windies (Tales)
1676. Film catalogs LC Subject Headings
GenreForm Form Subdivision sh99001568
1677. Cowboy songs LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2014026744
1678. Citators LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2011026136
Citators, Legal ; Legal citators ; Noter-ups
1679. Studies and exercises (Rhythm and blues) LC Subject Headings
GenreForm Form Subdivision sh2005005892
1680. Sound recordings for foreign speakers LC Subject Headings
GenreForm Form Subdivision sh99001747
Phonorecords for foreign speakers