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  Label Vocabulary Concept Type Subdivision Type Identifier
441. Fire insurance maps LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2011026284
Fire insurance risk maps ; Risk maps, Fire insurance ; Sanborn fire insurance maps ; Sanborn maps
442. Detective and mystery comics LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2014026279
Crime comics ; Detective comics ; Mystery comics ; Police comics
443. Readers for new literates LC Subject Headings
GenreForm Form Subdivision sh99001895
444. Prison films LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2011026463
445. Novels of manners LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2014026458
Manners, Novels of
446. Televised literary readings LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2011026642
Dramatic readings, Televised ; Literary readings, Televised ; Literature readings, Televised ; Poetry readings, Televised ; Televised dramatic readings ; Televised literature readings ; Televised poetry readings
447. Antiphons (Music) LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2014026637
448. Administrative decisions LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2011026029
Administrative agency decisions ; Administrative opinions ; Administrative rulings (Decisions) ; Agency decisions ; Decisions, Administrative ; Opinions, Administrative ; Regulatory agency decisions ; Rulings, Administrative (Decisions)
449. Field guides LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2017026099
Field identification guides ; Field keys ; Fieldguides ; Guides, Field
450. Free jazz LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2014026816
451. Documentary-style films LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2011026208
Documentaries, Fake (Motion pictures) ; Documentary films, Fake ; Documentary films, Fictionalized ; Documentary films, Mock ; Fake documentaries (Motion pictures) ; Fake documentary films ; Fictionalized documentary films ; Mock documentary films ; Mockumentaries ; Mockumentary films ; Pseudo-documentary films ; Quasi-documentary films ; Semidocumentary films
452. Dialect fiction LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2014026283
453. Organ masses LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2015026077
Instrumental masses
454. One-act plays LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2014026462
One-act drama ; Single-act plays
455. Conversation and phrase books (for beauty operators) LC Subject Headings
GenreForm Form Subdivision sh2013000792
456. Conversation and phrase books (for petroleum workers) LC Subject Headings
GenreForm Form Subdivision sh99001465
457. Avodah piyyutim LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2014026641
Avodoth ; Piyyutim of the Avodah
458. Aerial views LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2011026033
Bird's-eye views ; Overhead views ; Views, Aerial ; Views, Bird's-eye
459. Cowboy poetry LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2014026028
460. Pedigrees LC Subject Headings
GenreForm Form Subdivision sh99001644
Studbooks ; Stud-books ; Herd-books