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  Label Vocabulary Concept Type Subdivision Type Identifier
641. Juvenile LC Subject Headings
GenreForm Form Subdivision sh99001685
642. Holy Week music LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2014026861
Good Friday music ; Holy Saturday music ; Holy Thursday music ; Maundy Thursday music ; Palm Sunday music ; Passion music ; Tenebrae service music
643. Field recordings LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2011026253
644. Black humor LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2014026248
Black comedies ; Dark comedies ; Dark humor ; Gallows humor ; Comedies, Black ; Comedies, Dark
645. Vespers (Music) LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2014027159
Vesperals (Music)
646. Orders in council LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2011026432
Council, Orders in
647. Masnavis LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2014026427
Athnayn athnayns ; Masnawis ; Mathnavis ; Mathnawis ; Mesnevis ; Muthannas ; Muzdawij
648. Forensic crime dramas (Television programs) LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2016026095
Forensic crime shows ; Forensic dramas (Television programs) ; Forensic television shows ; Forensics television shows
649. Statutes and codes LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2011026611
Acts, Legislative ; Amendments, Legislative ; By-laws, Tribal ; Codes and statutes ; Compiled legislation ; Compiled statutes ; Consolidated laws ; Directives (European Union) ; Enactments ; Laws ; Laws, Consolidated ; Legislation, Compiled ; Legislative acts ; Legislative amendments ; Ordinances, Tribal ; Revised statutes ; Statutes, Compiled ; Statutes, Revised ; Tribal ordinances ; Tribal by-laws
650. Directories LC Subject Headings
GenreForm Form Subdivision sh99001609
651. Course materials LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2014026073
652. Formularies (Medicine) LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2017026068
Drug formularies ; Essential medicines lists ; Formulary drug lists ; Lists of essential medicines ; Lists of formulary drugs ; Lists of preferred drugs ; Medical formularies ; Preferred drug lists ; Prescription drug formularies
653. Book of Mormon stories LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2014026252
Mormon stories, Book of ; Stories, Book of Mormon
654. Parashiyot ha-shavua LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2015026046
Torah portions, Weekly ; Weekly Torah portions
655. Visitation Festival music LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2014027163
656. Illustrations LC Subject Headings
GenreForm Form Subdivision sh99001255
657. Melic poetry LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2014026431
658. Burrakatha plays LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2016026019
Burra katha plays ; Burrakatha drama ; Burrakathe plays ; Jangam katha plays ; Saradakatha plays ; Suddulu plays ; Tamboorakatha plays ; Tandana katha plays
659. Electronic discussion groups LC Subject Headings
GenreForm Form Subdivision sh99001613
660. Gift books LC Genre/Form Terms
GenreForm gf2017026072
Annual gift books ; Annuals (Gift books) ; Books, Gift ; Christmas books ; Giftbooks ; Keepsakes (Gift books)