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  Label Vocabulary Concept Subdivision Identifier
1. Library of Congress Medium of Performance Thesaurus for Music
MADS Scheme performanceMediums
2. Special Playback Characteristics
MADS Scheme mspecplayback
3. Environment Purpose (DEPRECATED) Preservation Vocabs (all)
MADS Scheme environmentPurpose
4. Library of Congress BIBFRAME Resources
MADS Scheme resources
5. MARC Groove Width/Pitch/CuttingList
MADS Scheme mgroove
6. Event Related Agent Role Preservation Vocabs (all)
MADS Scheme eventRelatedAgentRole
7. Library of Congress Genre/Form Terms
MADS Scheme genreForms
8. Format Registry Role Preservation Vocabs (all)
MADS Scheme formatRegistryRole
9. Library of Congress Classification
MADS Scheme classification
10. Environment Function Type Preservation Vocabs (all)
MADS Scheme environmentFunctionType
11. MARC Recording Type List
MADS Scheme mrectype
12. Rights Related Agent Role Preservation Vocabs (all)
MADS Scheme rightsRelatedAgentRole
13. Standard Identifiers Scheme
MADS Scheme identifiers
14. Rights Basis Preservation Vocabs (all)
MADS Scheme rightsBasis
15. Library of Congress Subject Headings
MADS Scheme subjects
16. Library of Congress Children's Subject Headings
MADS Scheme childrensSubjects
17. Preservation Schemes (all)
MADS Scheme preservation
18. Library of Congress Relationships
MADS Scheme relationships
19. MARC List for Languages
MADS Scheme languages
20. MARC Support Material List
MADS Scheme mmaterial

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