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  Label Vocabulary Concept Subdivision Identifier
1. Ambiance (Musical group) I hear a rhapsody BIBFRAME Works
Work 13307353
2. Campbell, Patricia Shehan. Songs of Latin America : BIBFRAME Works
Work 12969062
Frega, Ana Lucía. Songs of Latin America :
3. Zakai, Mira. Music for string orchestra BIBFRAME Works
Work 16579469
Khanukaev, Sergeĭ. Music for string orchestra ; Classica Chamber Orchestra Hadera. Music for string orchestra
4. Clydesdale, Celesté. Livin' inside out in an upside down world! BIBFRAME Works
Work 15167135
Clydesdale, David T. Livin' inside out in an upside down world!
5. Jones, Edward Huws, Nordic fiddler BIBFRAME Works
Work 20225386
Wood, Alexandra, 1977- Nordic fiddler
6. Wu, Wenguang. Shen qi mi pu yue quan BIBFRAME Works
Work 18498210
吴文光. Shen qi mi pu yue quan
7. Stover, Richard D. (Richard Dwight), 1945- Latin American guitar guide BIBFRAME Works
Work 5783984
Prenkert, Richard. Latin American guitar guide
8. Galay, Daniel, 1945- Klassical klezmer BIBFRAME Works
Work 18593931
Gingras, Michèle, 1960- Klassical klezmer ; Matson, Ron J. Klassical klezmer
9. Max, Randy. Orchestral excerpts for timpani BIBFRAME Works
Work 16552300
10. Spector, Stanley. Lessons in improvisation for the jazz drummer BIBFRAME Works
Work 18774417
11. Phillips, Stacy. Easy klezmer tunes : BIBFRAME Works
Work 13953140
12. Boytim, Joan Frey. Easy songs for the beginning soprano BIBFRAME Works
Work 12637327
Ward, Laura (Pianist) Easy songs for the beginning soprano
13. Ke jia song zhu zhi ge BIBFRAME Works
Work 5736804
14. Volans, Kevin, 1949- Partenheimer project BIBFRAME Works
Work 16623224
Birmingham Contemporary Music Group. Partenheimer project
15. Foster, Stephen Collins, 1826-1864. Songs. Selections; arranged BIBFRAME Works
Work 13573328
Duncan, Phil. Songs. Selections; arranged
16. Casey, Bert. Acoustic guitar primer BIBFRAME Works
Work 12269390
17. Gordon, Dexter, 1923-1990, Works. Selections BIBFRAME Works
Work 19241987
Aebersold, Jamey, Works. Selections ; Cables, George, Works. Selections ; Reid, Rufus, Works. Selections ; Lewis, Victor, 1950- Works. Selections
18. Glanz, Leib, 1898-1964, Vocal music. Selections; arranged BIBFRAME Works
Work 17821934
Glantz, Jerry, Vocal music. Selections; arranged
19. Albéniz, Isaac, 1860-1909. Improvisations, piano BIBFRAME Works
Work 16597915
Laufer, Milton R. Improvisations, piano
20. Weich-Shahak, Susana. Romancero sefardí de Oriente : BIBFRAME Works
Work 16973719

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