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  Label Vocabulary Concept Subdivision Identifier
1. Harris & Ewing, [James J. Davis, right] BIBFRAME Works
Work 20268205
Work 20215987
3. N. Currier (Firm) On a point BIBFRAME Works
Work 12562292
4. Page from National Agricultural Research Center book BIBFRAME Works
Work 19871467
5. Charles Edward Hooker Mississipppi, (Captain in 1st Regt. of Miss. Light Artillery. Lost an arm during seige at Vicksburg. Promoted to rank of Colonel of Cavalry BIBFRAME Works
Work 20440815
6. Harris & Ewing, [Archibald MacLeish] BIBFRAME Works
Work 20271332
7. L-o-n-g-e-s-t BIBFRAME Works
Work 14347845
8. Bowen, John T., approximately 1801-1856?, Winnebago BIBFRAME Works
Work 17635060
McKenney, Thomas Loraine, 1785-1859. Winnebago ; Hall, James, 1793-1868. Winnebago
9. Sadd, Henry S., Orville Dewey BIBFRAME Works
Work 20386308
10. Highsmith, Carol M., 1946- Oil painting "Shield" located on second floor rotunda ceiling, U.S. Custom House, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania BIBFRAME Works
Work 16673238
11. Highsmith, Carol M., 1946- New president George H.W. Bush, in presidential automobile, acknowledges the crowd on Pennsylvania Avenue during his inaugural parade on January 20, 1989, Washington, D.C BIBFRAME Works
Work 17114761
12. Detroit Publishing Co., White Bass Lake near Gordon's, Wis BIBFRAME Works
Work 20093825
13. Highsmith, Carol M., 1946- A small free library, in which residents and others can deposit books and take some without charge, in Decorah, Iowa BIBFRAME Works
Work 19322051
14. [Untitled] BIBFRAME Works
Work 19834326
15. Block, Herbert, 1909-2001, "Warm, isn't it?" BIBFRAME Works
Work 17525347
16. Minnie Maddern Fiske collection BIBFRAME Works
Work 16380755
17. Highsmith, Carol M., 1946- Two of Icelandic artist Steinunn Thorarinsdottir's 22 life-sized cast-iron and aluminum statues seem to interact with passing students on the campus of Valparaiso University in Valparaiso, Indiana BIBFRAME Works
Work 19369233
18. Parks, Gordon, 1912-2006, Washington, D.C. Young girl being converted at the Church of God in Christ BIBFRAME Works
Work 20012490
19. Sandberg, Bob, Sports car racing -- Sebring, Fla BIBFRAME Works
Work 19440154
20. [German troops occupying captured British trenches on the Somme] BIBFRAME Works
Work 14212142

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