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Composite atlases

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  • Form

    • Composite atlases
  • Variants

    • Atlas factice
    • Atlases factice
    • IATO atlases
    • Italian assembled-to-order atlases
    • Lafreri atlases
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  • Earlier Established Forms

    • Atlas factice
    • Atlases factice
  • Sources

    • found: Compleat plattmaker, 1978, via Google books, April 20, 2010:p. 26 ("atlas factice": an atlas made up by a mapseller from map sheets in his stock)
    • found: Varanka, D. Precursors to the rise of English world atlases, 2001 [paper from the 20th International Cartographic Conference] via ESRI web site, April 20, 2010(Bound sets of maps, which are called Atlas Factice, are almost never called atlases by their makers or producers)
    • found: Cartographic materials, 2nd ed., 2003:glossary (atlas factice: a composite work made up of a selection of previously issued maps. It may be bound or loose-leaf)
    • found: Newberry Library cartographic catalog, viewed December 24, 2012:subject index (Atlases factice)
    • found: LCSH, Jan. 8, 2009(hdg.: Celestial globes)
    • found: Images of the world, 1997:p. 51-70, in chapter "Italian composite atlases of the sixteenth century" by David Woodward (Italian publishers issued atlases consisting of separately published maps and views assembled into the order of individual clients; the common designation "Lafreri atlas" to include any Italian composite atlas or atlas factice of the 16th century is highly misleading; of the surviving Italian 16th-century composite atlases, only about a quarter bear the well-known title page issued by Antonio Lafreri; atlases were assembled for clients either from already printed maps in stock or other marks of authorship; miscellaneous in authorship and format, a kind of contemporary cartographic anthology) p. 102 (Dutch firm of Covens and Mortier and the house of Ottens were both famous for voluminous atlases assembled to order, ca. 1720-1780) p. 272 (maps engraved by the Bordiga brothers in Milan were reprinted up to the 1850s and assembled to form composite atlases)
    • found: The Strabo illustratus atlaes, 2004t.p. (a unique sixteenth century composite atlas from the House of Bertelli in Venice) p. 3 (composite atlases; can be subdivided into three types: collections compiled by a map publisher mainly from his own program; atlases composed by booksellers from the production of several local publishers; and volumes consisting of maps by various publishers, bound together by a later proprietor; the first two types are common in Dutch, Italian, French, and German cartography up to the end of the 18th century) p. 4 (alternate names: Lafreri atlas and IATO or "Italian assembled-to-order" atlas; modern writing tries to avoid these terms)
    • found: Descriptive cataloging of rare materials (cartographic), 2016:p. 297 (composite atlas, also known as atlas factice; a unique assemblage of previously issued maps; may have been assembled from the stock of a single mapseller for a particular customer or may have been assembled by a collector from personal stock; usually bound but may be loose-leaf; may or may not have a title page)
    • notfound: Glossary of mapping, charting,and geodetic terms, 1973;Glossary of the mapping sciences, 1994;Glosssary of technical terms in cartography, 1966;Enzyklopädisches Wörterbuch Kartographie in 25 Sprachen, 1997;Glosario de términos cartográficos y fotogramétricos, 1986;Map-making to 1900, 1976.
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    • 2017-06-08: revised
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