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  • Images that are formed by transfer from one surface or source to another, and that are usually created with ink and produced in multiple impressions.
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    • Prints
  • Variants

    • Artists' prints
    • Fine art prints
    • Fine arts prints
    • Fine prints
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  • Sources

    • found: Art & architecture thesaurus online, August 14, 2016(prints (visual works); variants: print (visual work); artists' prints; fine-art prints; fine art prints; fine-arts prints; fine prints; note: Pictorial works produced by transferring images by means of a matrix such as a plate, block, or screen, using any of various printing processes. With regard to photographs, prefer "photographic prints"; for types of reproductions of technical drawings and documents, see terms found under "reprographic copies.")
    • found: LCSH, August 14, 2016(Prints; UF Fine prints; BT Graphic arts; NT Altered prints; Buddhist prints; Color prints; Engraving; Erotic prints; Etching; Fashion prints; Genre prints; Historical prints; Indian prints; Jewish prints; Landscape prints; Large prints; Lithography; Marine prints; Miniature printing; Miniature prints; Nature prints; Naval prints; Portrait prints; Potato prints; Relief printing; Shinto prints; Sporting prints; Stonecut prints; Vitreographs; Wood-engraving; Wood-engraving-Printing)
    • found: Thesaurus for graphic materials, June 10, 2016(Prints; BT Pictures; NT A la poupě prints; Abstract prints; Allegorical prints; Artists' proofs; Baxter-process prints; Baxter prints; Bird's-eye view prints; Cast paper prints; Cellocuts; Chine coll ̌prints; Cityscape prints; Cloth prints; Collagraphs; Commemorative prints; Costume prints; Counterproofs; Digital prints; Embossed prints; Fashion prints; Fish prints; Genre prints; Intaglio prints; Landscape prints; Marine prints; Medley prints; Naval prints; Photomechanical prints; Planographic prints; Portrait prints; Progressive proofs; Proofs before letters; Relief prints; Reproductive prints; Restrikes; Seascape prints; Still life prints; Trial proofs; Vues d'optique; scope note: Images formed by transfer from one surface or source to another. Usually created with ink(s) and produced in multiple impressions.)
    • found: The concise Oxford dictionary of art terms, Oxford art online, August 14, 2016(Print: An image or design impressed or stamped on a support such as paper or fabric. The term encompasses a wide range of techniques used to produce multiple versions of an original design.)
    • notfound: RBMS Controlled vocabularies: Genre terms, August 14, 2016
  • General Notes

    • Images that are formed by transfer from one surface or source to another, and that are usually created with ink and produced in multiple impressions.
  • Example Notes

    • Example under [Pictures]
  • Change Notes

    • 2017-11-13: new
    • 2018-02-20: revised
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