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International Labour Organization

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    • ILO (International Labour Organization)
    • Organisation internationale du travail
    • OIT (International Labour Organization)
    • Organización Internacional del Trabajo
    • Olon Ulsyn Khȯdȯlmȯriĭn Tovchoo
    • Olon Ulsyn Khȯdȯlmȯriĭn Baĭguullaga
    • OUKhB
    • Shirika la Kazi Duniani
    • Samnakngān Rǣngngān rawāng Prathēt
    • International Labor Organization
    • United Nations. International Labour Organization
    • ʻOngkān Rǣngngān rawāng Prathēt
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        • Affiliation Address: 4 route des Morillons , Genève CH-1211 22
        • Affiliation Address:
        • City: Genève
        • Post Code: CH-1211 22
        • Email: [email protected]
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        International agencies
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        (naf) Geneva (Switzerland)
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  • Sources

    • found: UNTERM, United Nations Terminology Database website, viewed 3 April 2018(International Labour Organization; former spelling: International Labour Organisation; use of the current spelling, i.e. Organization, began in October 1992; however, the Organization will always be referred to as Organisation in the titles of any Instruments, e.g. Conventions, Recommendations, etc., adopted by the International Labour Conference before that date, including the Constitution which was established in 1919 and last amended in 1974; the 1994 edition of the Constitution was incorrectly issued as Constitution of the International Labour Organization, and the error was corrected in the February 1998 edition; founded 28 June 1919, Versailles, France, to promote fundamental principles and rights at work and create greater opportunities for women and men to secure decent employment and income; headquarters established at Geneva, Switzerland, in 1920; source of note on spelling: ILO)
    • found: LCCN 00369083: Consultative Forum on a Strategy for Employment-led Recovery and Reconstruction in Indonesia (1999 : Jakarta, Indonesia). Consultative Forum on a Strategy for Employment-led Recovery and Reconstruction in Indonesia, 2000(usage: International Labour Organization)
    • found: Its Web site, Feb. 9, 2007(International Labour Organization; ILO; Organisation internationale du Travail (OIT); Organización internacional del Trabajo (OIT)) Apr. 10, 2013: about the ILO > origins and history (specialized agency of the United Nations) about the ILO > where we are (headquarters: 4 route des Morillons - CH-1211 Genève 22 -Switzerland; e-mail: [email protected])
    • found: Mongol Ulsyn khȯdȯlmȯriĭn ai︠u︡ulgu̇ĭ azhillagaa ... 2006:t.p. (Olon Ulsyn Khȯdȯlmȯriĭn Tovchoo) verso t.p. (Olon Ulsyn Khȯdȯlmȯriĭn Baĭguullaga; OUKhB) cover (ILO: Olon Ulsyn Khȯdȯlmȯriĭn Tovchoo)
    • found: FAMOS, 2008:t.p. (Shirika la Kazi Duniani)
    • found: Trabajo doméstico, 2009:t.p. verso (Organización Internacional del Trabajo; Oficina Internacional del Trabajo)
    • found: ʻAnusanyā ʻOngkān Rǣngngān rawāng Prathēt wādūai rǣngngān khām chāt, 2011?:t.p. (Samnakngān Rǣngngān rawāng Prathēt)
    • found: Kānpramœ̄n kānkhumkhrō̜ng thāng sangkhom čhāk kānprưksā hārư̄ radap chāt, 2013:t.p. verso (ʻOngkān Rǣngngān rawāng Prathēt)
    • found: Decent work profile, 2013:t.p. verso (International Labour Organization; International Labour Office)
    • found: International Labour Organization website viewed 4 February 2020(The International Labour Office is the permanent secretariat of the International Labour Organization. It is the focal point for International Labour Organization's overall activities, which it prepares under the scrutiny of the Governing Body and under the leadership of the Director-General)
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